Baxter's Luxury Cullen Skink £1.99 Aldi

Baxter's Luxury Cullen Skink £1.99 Aldi

Found 9th Feb 2013
Fully expect to get comments like "what, 2 quid for a tin of soup?" but anyone who knows this knows how wonderful it is and what a bargain it is at 1.99. Usually around £3 in Waitrose etc. I make my own soup all the time but I can't make this.


What, 2 quid for a tin of soup

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Lol, I love this site ;-)

Cullen Skink, that's a great forum name. :-)

Smoked Haddock Chowder .
this reminds me of a episode of simpsons

Ahh, makes me so glad I have access to the Baxters staff shop!! Cheap if you're buying it from a supermarket, though.

never new this was available, sound lovely.

If like me you don't have a local Aldi, its £2.15 in Morrisons.
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