Found 2nd Jul 2009
This liquid soap is divine and will make your friends think you are really posh!

Currently rolled back from £1.94 to £1.00

Available in
Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit
Wild Rose & Raspberry leaf
Thai Vert & Eucalyptus


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smells just like molton brown :o) Nice stuff!

I Want To Be Posh

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I Want To Be Posh

You can be, for just a quid!

It doesn't look posh - just looks like you shop as Asda. If you want to look posh buy Waitrose liquid soap and I think that its only about 90p a bottle!.

Molton Brown wanna-be.. close but no cigar

I got some for christmas and thought it was posh till I saw this post lol

same price at TJ Hughes as well.


How is this posh soap?

They do a blue coloured one in Tescos for a quid. Is that posh too? ;-)


How is this posh soap?

This company make own label soaps for sainsburys, asda and boots plus others.

Didn't realise this was posh!.
Found it in InExcess a while back for £1.
Think it was blueberry.
Good stuff though
Heat added

Voted cold as it reminds me of my days in San Quentin:cry:....
Only joking H+R!!

I don't know what soap I use, there is always a little helper in the bathroom who dispenses it on my hands.
Next time I'm there I will ask what brand they use.

Who are Bayliss & Harding????? Sound like people who think up dodgy ways to settle rain affected cricket matches


Personally I think it smells like the cheap hand-wash you get in pub … Personally I think it smells like the cheap hand-wash you get in pub toilets, etc. And you need to use a lot of force to push down on nozzle thing...only for it to come squirting out over your crotch area at 100mph!

Yeah, we believe you... :whistling:

Bayliss and harding are sold in wilkinsons, its usually the cheapy gift sets. i dont really like this stuff, it's like elizabeth french another cheapy wilkinson one

posh soap rolled back from a whopping £1.94


This is good stuff, I'm so used to it now. Pleasant surprise to see nearly a quid knocked off

well .. . nearly half price lol

very pleasant smelling soap, and does the trick that other not so nice soaps do. Also looks nicer than ordinary £1 stuff, so bargain from me.

You know if your going to asda their own make blue bottle of handwash smells great and does the job ...its reminds me of gents aftershave i thought id used the wrong dispenser in a m8s thinkin it was a body lotion hed put in it but he fessed up to Asda ...Fresh Blue...think its like 47p for a bit bottle at that!

But if it was only £1.94 to start with, it can't be that posh! lol :roll:

Nice stuff but same price at Tesco too.

been using this stuff for over a year, since they changed to this at work, pretty decent stuff and you get a lot in the bottle....

Surely Molton Brown can't be very happy with a cheap copy of their products.

The packaging is very similar - fonts, patterns, typesetting, bottle sizes, pumps - not to mention the exotic sounding fragrances. Even the very concept of a pattern printed on the back of the bottle that you can see through the front on their handwashes.

I mean who else does "Thai Vert"...or "Black Pepper" fragrances. Only Molton Brown as far as I am aware.

Imagine "rola cola" was packaged in a coke shape bottle with all the right words in all the right places but priced at 10p a bottle.

Having said that Molton Brown products are very expensive. And Baylis and Harding are now sold in Boots and other chemists.


Is this soap anti-bacterial? If not then why not?

Really nice stuff. It use to be £5 at New Look for this and a body lotion in a nice metal stand.
Exactly like Molton Brown for 1/10th of the price. Voted yummus humous.


Oxymoron anyone?

I am loving my fake Naran Ji (Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit version)! thanks for posting this, wouldn't have looked twice at it before ...
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