Bayonetta 1 - £15.00 @ CeX (Pre owned)

Bayonetta 1 - £15.00 @ CeX (Pre owned)

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Found 3rd Dec 2014
All copies of Bayonetta 1 Wii U edition are from the Special Edition so the USK logo will be on the cover as well as the PEGI.

CeX seems to be selling Bayonetta 1 for a decent price for those who don't want to purchase Bayonetta 2 just yet.


Nice. Heat added.

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In the long run it might be better to go with the Special Edition and then get an offer via Flubit, like some users have gotten now for £32 which is an awesome price for both games.

Then again, if you don't want to spend too much there's always this.
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