Bayonetta PS3 £6 with free delivery @ Cex online and instore

Bayonetta PS3 £6 with free delivery @ Cex online and instore

Found 17th Nov 2010
One of the BEST action game this year, down to a weeks worth of pocket money Enjoy guys!

Xbox 360 version is also £8:…746

Next cheapest is £9.99 @ Amazon


awful game, but best price around

Pre-owned obviously...

seems good. I've just bought a copy...well i am not sure because it never said order complete and i haven't got a confirmation email. But, it shows 2 active orders on the website...hmmm

Don't really like CEX, but for new games you can't complain.

@Tallpete33 - there is no indication of it being preowned on the website so i presume its new. Also, the guy refers to the amazon price of £9.99 which is a new copy of the game.

I've rated hot because at this price, its the same price as a rental from blockbuster...

awesome, game, amazing gameplay, finely tuned to within an inch of its life

in fact possibly the most polished fighting engine of all time

Excellent Price, there the Delivery service is the worst in the world or the galaxy. You might order this today and might take you 4 emails, a phone call, and several more emails to get the order with 5 days. In reality it will come in 28 days....Put it this way its quicker to order it from Hong Kong or the North Pole. Ive ordered a couple of things from them, no more !!!

Heat added... But I am sure cex only do pre owned and nothing else.

Yep PRE-OWNED = roughed up, sticky and badley scratched but hey as long as it works

One mans "Coaster" is another mans cheap game

To be honest this price is about right for a used copy of this game, but I would rather spend the extra £4.00 and get it BRAND NEW.


this game is pants but each to their own


this game is pants but each to their own

well depends, I mean it isnt pants, it simply cannot be pants if it has a 90 metascore, do you appreciate great gameplay? or do you concentrate on story and characters so much that you dont even look at gameplay?

are ALL cex games pretty roughed up and in a crap state?


awful game, but best price around

Quite an odd comment to make! How much of it did you play? I was going to sell mine, but I perservered and now I am almost finished it. Almost perfection in terms of fighting and combat - better than DMC as far as I am concerned. Hell, I may even prefer it over God of War!

And other comments...if you are after a compelling story don't bother. I actually think it is decent, but the gameplay is what does it for me. If you love DMC, this is a definite must-buy.
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