Bayonetta | PS3 & Xbox 360 | £12.98 Delivered @ Amazon

Bayonetta | PS3 & Xbox 360 | £12.98 Delivered @ Amazon


this game just didnt hold its price at all
good price

well it been out 4 and a half months, most games dont

As I say in every deal for this game... Excellent game! If you haven't played it, buy it and love it. (Try the demo first to be safe - I enjoyed it, put about 40 hours into full completion but could have spent longer).

Think i might purchase when it drops to £8. Here's hoping!

Love watching my other half playing the demo, its a little to fast for me to play, one handed

It's a good price for this, but I personally hated the game when I had it. Couldn't get rid of it quick enough.

uh same price at GAME but you get reward points and topcashback
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