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Posted 20 January 2023

Bayonetta & Vanquish Bundle (Steam) £7.18 @ Steam

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Games can be purchased separately for £3.99

PlatinumGames’ universally acclaimed action masterpiece finally comes to PC. Experience the over-the-top stylish action in 60fps at unlocked HD resolutions. The definitive way to play: being bad never felt so good.

PlatinumGames’ revolutionary sci-fi action shooter slide-boosts onto PC. Battle legions of future-tech enemies using a vast arsenal of weapons, including all DLC. Fully unlocked framerate and gorgeous HD resolutions up to 4K. The definitive way to play: war has accelerated.
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    Vanquish is GLORIOUS. Bayonetta is okay I suppose
    You're very confident in your wrongness
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    Vanquish is an AMAZING GAME. Bayonetta is trash.
    Why are so many people here so confident in their wrongness?
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    £3.59 for one if you have the other
    I just realized that's exactly half the price of the bundle anyway - read the original price wrong
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    Saved a whole 10 pence by buying Bayo from Humble for £3.49 a few months ago
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    Never played Vanquish is it worth a dabble ?
    It's GLORIOUS. That is all.
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    Vanquish is average. Bayonetta a masterpiece. There is a reason there is Bayonetta 2 & 3 but no Vanquish sequel.....it's bang average