Baz Luhrmann's Epic Romances [Blu-ray boxset] £23.97 @ Amazon UK

Baz Luhrmann's Epic Romances [Blu-ray boxset] £23.97 @ Amazon UK

Found 13th Dec 2010
Titles Comprise: Romeo + Juliet: Moulin Rouge; Australia

Next best is £32.97 and this is a saving of £5 if titles were purchased separately. Works out at £7.99 a film.

Link -…UR6


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Go to deal not working.

Direct link here…UR6

All amazing films - great price

Ah yes, Baz Luhrmann. He gave some of the greatest and most profound advice I have ever heard in his track 'Sunscreen'. If you're '20 something' LISTEN to the words. I was '20 something' once and believe me, HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! The sad thing in life is you don't care about this sort of advice until you're past the most important and most powerful part of your life (your 20's). As Baz Luhrmann says, 'trust me', you'll look back and wish you had!…ted

I think there's a bit of mileage in the price on this one......particularly when you compare it to the DVD release which is only £9.85…tml

I'm waiting...
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