BB8 Funko Pop £2.50 at Tesco -  instore

BB8 Funko Pop £2.50 at Tesco - instore

Found 22nd Aug 2016Made hot 23rd Aug 2016
Tesco have reduced their bb8 funko pops to £2.50 pretty sure it's national as this was in Scotland and it's been found in england


Oh boy, Just paid £7.50 only 2 weeks ago

Genuine question - how do we know it's been found in England?

not national. got member if staff to price check it in Crawley £9.95

2.50 in Leicester (Hamilton store) this morning.

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Genuine question - how do we know it's been found in England?

It was on a forum I'm in. So I went to check the local here

£9.50 in Ashby de la Zouch.

Got one last night in Craigavon N.I.

Fantastic price! will look out for one these.

Reduced in Tesco Durham....from £10 to £7.50.

Tesco National sadly doesn't exist. However there does tend to be a correlation to store sizes.
It's always worth knowing if it was a Metro, Superstore or Extra. Even then it's not a guarantee that prices will match.

£9.95 @ Southwick store


£9.95 @ Southwick store

Southwick? As in the holmbush superstore?


Southwick? As in the holmbush superstore?

​Yes, sorry lol

On the shelf for £9.95 but scanned for £5.00 at new malden

Just purchased from Longton, ticket on the shelf read £9.95 but went through at £2.50

Full price in dudley

On the shelf in Corby at £7.50, scanned at £2.50.

About 3 left tonight.

Displayed at £9.95 in Tesco Cambridge Superstore, scanned at £2.50

where in scotland?

Shelf label at 9.99 but scanned at £2.50 in Tesco Extra Gillingham with loads on the shelf if anyone is looking

£2.50 newport spytty

Haha, typical Tesco 'national deal' although the ones I found were quite interesting. Marked up at £9.95 on the shelf, scanned through at........£10. I'd avoid Huntingdon folks. Pity, my nephew would love a few of these

Scanning at £9.95 in Tesco Culver house Cross Cardiff

Got one today in Tesco Extra St Rollox (Springburn).

There were another half dozen on the shelf. Beside the Marvel and other Star Wars Pops rather than on the other side of the aisle where the shelf barker is.
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