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Free Classical Concert Tickets -  Scoring up a Storm  -  BBC Hoddinott Hall, Wales Millennium Centre l  Cardiff - 14:00 Friday 12 Oct 2018
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
If You fancy a bit of Ludvig Van, Berlioz,Wagner,Debussy & Others performed by BBC National Orchestra of Wales - Free Tickets are available for this event. They can be sent b… Read more

Yes. As a sheep . And then you’re mine !


Too far for me, heat though!


Thank You Yes I'll be there. :)


Yes best Jeans and tee shirt at least that's what I'll be wearing :D


I'm sure your bagpuss onesie will be fine.

Free admission to over 200 attractions with Blue Peter badge
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
You must be aged between 6 and 15 years old to apply for a Blue Peter badge. Free entry is with a fee paying adult Your application could be a letter, poem, picture or story for e… Read more
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Thank you, will ask my son if he would like to write in for a badge.


Good for you. I hate it when people who have not helped the people being abused suddenly spring into activity at this point and insist that attendance and flowers are a must. Attendance and flowers and indeed the interference of these now-interferers would have been of some use in the past, during the abuse.


Well karma got him in the end; no, I didnt attend the funeral, or send flowers.


LoL (y)


Yes but that means nothing. They won't let you in without a badge card (only given to actual badge winners).

under-15s : free screenings of `a northern soul` movie in hull this week
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
...A great work of radical empathy” – Charlie Phillips / The Guardian“Stunning work” – Rhiannon Topham / Reel Steel “McAllister has a real eye for fascinating characters” – Allan … Read more

tafkas: Quite an impressive rant considering Jurassic Park was released as a PG in 1993, and the 12A certificate was first used for The Bourne Identity in 2002. Well you learn something every day, always thought 12A had come about because of jurassic park, well I still think 12A is a load of crap, and as I remember it Spielberg did put pressure on the BBFC to release it as a PG.


Quite an impressive rant considering Jurassic Park was released as a PG in 1993, and the 12A certificate was first used for The Bourne Identity in 2002.


the BBFC became a joke when they caved into spielberg over jurassic park and invented the 12A certificate.


I'm even expecting him to say it was 'a great work of radical empathy' or 'a timely essay' Incredibles 2 just got 'that was cool'


A documentary about a struggling father in hull working with disadvantaged kids. My 12 year old will be begging me to see this instead inifty war!

Florence Foster Jenkins on BBC iPlayer for 29 days
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Not a deal as such, just a reminder that in case you missed this excellent movie on tele last night. It is on BBC iPlayer for next 29 days. Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant were both n… Read more
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Very funny film.


American free TV programs are not great. All the quality programs that come over here are usually on the pay channels over there.


There is free digital HD freeview in the US since 2009 but you can also get a satellite dish and get even more free US channels and cheaper than cable subscriptions. Obviously funded by adverts.


6.9 is always very good approximately, if you understands how IMDB ratings work. The 1000th all time top film as voted by viewers has a rating of 7.3. If you call these arbitrarily best or outstandibg for 1000 best films ever as voted on IMDB. This is 6.9, which seems to be very good. There are nearly half a million movies on the IMDB database, in case you didn't know what 1000th means with 7.3 rating. Or, simply, ask yourself in a 180 degree flip of your question:- Since when can you call a 6.9 rating not a 'very good'?


License fee is worth it for Red Rock alone (about the only thing I watch on the BBC apart from the news and People Just Do Nothing which is going to be in its final season :( )! To all the Red Rock fans: (highfive)

A to Z of Psychedelia on 6 Music Download Complete Series  A to Z  & A to Z of Punk !!!  -   Both Free Downloads @ BBC 6Music
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Taking listeners on a trip through the golden age of psychedelia from the mid-sixties to Altamont. Presented by BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley and music journalist Rob Hughes. Feat… Read more

<3 <3 <3


Nice one, Boz. Thank you, sir.


Thanks Boz..


Great post! Thank you very much (y)


Thanks Boz...Rock on 🎧🎵🎶🎹💿

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World Cup Wall Chart BBC Free Download
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Downloaded this morning and printed on A3. Excellent and nothing more to say. Other than England to beat Germany in the final on penalties (embarrassed)

Okay so England to beat Belgium in the third place play-off, still much better than I thought we'd ever do at the start of the tournament.


Do you have a link or something to print this


By they you mean Panama right!!


There's definitely going to be some 'takers' who will buy it, right?. (Not that I agree with it). But they know what they're doing ...


You could print of the version listed as A2 on A3 paper. This would get the final stuck-together version in A1 size.

Doctor Who - Every episode since 2005 available to watch on BBC iPlayer
04/12/2018Expires on 04/12/2018Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
For all the Whovians and anyone who fancies watching the Doctor's adventures, the BBC have made every episode since the 2005 revival (so Eccleston, Tennant, Smith and Capaldi) are … Read more
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I must admit that I use the download by PID route which is more long winded but sidesteps issues with programme searches etc. PID is easily obtained from going to the programme you want in iplayer (web) and looking in the web address.


On checking, as I said Get_iplayer has lost functionality and will NOT allow you to download boxset etc. Anything broadcast in the last 30 days does still work ...... if you can find it !!! :)


All, Nice to be proved wrong !!! :) Last time I used it there had been some changes by the BBC that reduced the functionality. It was some tiime ago !!! Thanks for the update.


Me too not a fan personally, although Tom Baker was brilliant - but the weeping angels were superb. Chris Ecclestone episode where he meets the last Dalek was a perfect example of the bloke playing the Doctor being superb, the bloke doing dalek voice being good, and the rest more wooden than a shed.


All episodes are available for free on the Terrarium TV app.

World Cup 2018: BBC to show tournament in Ultra HD (BBC One) & Virtual Reality - Free on BBC Sport's VR 2018 World Cup app
Refreshed 5th JunRefreshed 5th Jun
All 33 matches broadcast by the BBC will be available for free on BBC Sport's VR 2018 World Cup app. And the 29 matches on BBC One will also be available in Ultra HD. Recommends … Read more
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To all those who have 4k TVs that aren’t compatible, you can buy a Roku Streaming Stick+ for about £60 which offers iPlayer in 4K. Planning on selling mine after the world cup has finished.


I was worried about the limit to the first tens of thousands of people per game, but I've watched several games and never had a problem connecting, even joining part way through the match.


Legend, id have never known about this, 4K now :D. This should have happened before it started.



No the V6 box has UHD options

Mountain film free on BBC iPlayer!
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
Mountain film free on BBC iPlayer!

Agreed generally. Usually these films, in particular those featuring downhill skiing are highly self indulgent and feature the worst sort of headbanging music and Tibetan pipes and drums! For instance 'Into the mind' and 'All I can'


I'm glad some people have enjoyed watching this film. Posted this deal as this is a film (not a program) and to make people aware it is available on the i Player (usual in my experience for films and easily missed). As for licence fee's meaning its not "free": the vast majority of people have a TV licence so I'm just advising how to get the maximum out of it. That said a crazy number of people will pay a lot more and have Sky or a similar subscription service making the licence fee seem a pittance!


gholt: Mountain film free on BBC iPlayer! Well you sold me on it. Ever thought of going into advertising? :)


Thanks for the heads up. I will check it out.


Turns out it's a bloody good watch. The money is already spent making it. Honour the people who risked their lives bringing this to us and watch it.

free tickets - arab film - bbc cultural frontline - central london - wednesday 25th april, 2018
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Join The Cultural Frontline for a special broadcast as part of the BBC Arabic Festival in which we bring together leading Arab filmmakers to discuss whether we now live in a go… Read more



A lot of British and American companies work on international movies, especially Bollywood...just because something is not English it doesn't mean the UK and America don't profit!


tom courtney is about the same age as albert and he's still working. in fact, a lot of actors keep on trucking until infirmity stops them performing. `Gandalf` is 78!! meet Edith Moore... At the tender age of eighty three, a gruff old woman (Sheila Hancock) sets out to try and capture a little of the magic she had as a young girl. The story is a tale of triumph over adversity as Edie embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.


kamenitzabrit: Whatever happened to our own home produced films by the likes of Ealing studios, and featuring stars such as Albert Finney ? We do have things like Aardman Animations to fly the flag for us, but sadly our great British film industry has all but vanished. Will the Arabic film industry go the same way, or is there not going to be the obvious competition form Hollywood which our English language industry faced ? The UK film industry is huge, employing 2m people and growing by 5% pa. Albert Finney's last film was British made Skyfall in 2012. He's in his 80's now so probably not as active as once was.


Whatever happened to our own home produced films by the likes of Ealing studios, and featuring stars such as Albert Finney ? We do have things like Aardman Animations to fly the flag for us, but sadly our great British film industry has all but vanished. Will the Arabic film industry go the same way, or is there not going to be the obvious competition form Hollywood which our English language industry faced ?

Buena Vista Social Club @ BBC iplayer
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Documentary about the Buena Vista Social Club, a collection of Cuban musicians who together with the help of Ry Cooder produced an album of "world" music. Enjoy

Yes lots do have a license but that is the cost of this so called deal. With literally thousands of these non deals, if this is allowed without any question when the site is over run with them what grounds would we have to complain then? (I'm sure you would "moan" if this was to happen)


Many thanks for the heads up op. For those who have a surround sound capable player, the DVDA of this is well worth purchasing Although would need to possibly look at the offers on 'Discogs' or Ebay, as can be hard to find.( sorry if a bit of a specialist area)


Love the album, didn't know there a documentary so will check it out, cheers. For those into music related documentaries I can heartily recommend Searching For Sugar Man for those that haven't seen it, amazing watch :)


Exactly, are we now going to post every free movie coming out on iPlayer, Netflix etc?


I was careful to make no mention of "Free" in the original post (I have been here for a while)

The Bridge ( Original Scandinavian drama ) series 1-3 now availability on BBC iPlayer
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Not a deal as such but Imho probably the best of the Scandinavian dramas. Far superior to the Sky tv remake. Available directly on BBC iPlayer ( also available to Sky tv viewers )… Read more

Skol !


10 episodes in each series


how many episodes in S1? Fancy watching something new to get into.


Omg- won’t be able to resist watching- but if it’s the 2 back to back episodes, then waiting a week... aaargh, agony!


Thanks. This series is totally unmissable! Cannot wait for the 4th, and sadly final series, starting soon.

Great Lives (Captain Beefheart)  - Jim Moir (Vic Reeves) & Mike Barnes  Beefheart's biographer   On  Captain Beefheart  - Free Download @ BBC
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Jim Moir (Vic Reeves) discusses Captain Beefheart. Free Download @ BBC's 4 Website . The comedian, actor and artist Jim Moir aka Vic Reeves is Matthew Parris' guest … Read more

Hot Rats 1970 would be a good place to start It remains for me his best album by far. The first three tracks are incredible :D




I did not know that this was a collaboration between the two of them. Will check it out, although I have never been able to get into Zappa - except 'My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama' of course.


Yes He was a genius and very original. Ry cooder was also mentioned together with Zappa by Don's biographer in the programme. This still remains my Fave Zappa Album and track for all time.It's the original mix and Beefheart is in great form on this.


There's no doubt he was an extremely talented guy. I found it weird he was known for odd psychedlic tinged music as well as R&B albums that sound like Howlin' Wolf. As well as being an accomplished musician, he was a successful painter too. The amazing Ry Cooder played on some of his stuff as well.

Oscar Winner "The Silent Child" now available on BBC iplayer
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
The Silent Child is a British short film written by and starring Rachel Shenton and directed by Chris Overton, and released in 2017 by Slick Films. It tells the story of Libby, a … Read more
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I watched it. Was very good. Felt for the two leads, which for such a short film, managed it well. Much better than some films Ive paid to see in the cinema.


Indeed - all thirteen episodes from 1969 are there, remastered into HD.


Whoosh ...


This one ? Civilisation, 13. Heroic Materialism: Thanks for your help, @sJohnson23


I highly recommend Civilisation.

Free Blue Peter Thunderbirds Tracy Island fact sheet (Make your own)
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Seen a couple of deals today for cheap thunderbirds vehicles so thought i’d remind folks about the Blue Peter Fact Sheet to make your Tracy Island. I have posted this in the past t… Read more
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I remember this x


is anthea turner still hot?

Last time I tried to make an island playset out of paper mache it looked like a giant elephant turd (poo)


Tried to make it once, ended up being a paper mache green splodge. Maybe it's time to try again


I remember building the turtles sewer lair back in the day💪

FA Cup Football Live on BBC 1 - Leicester City v Chelsea  | Wigan Athletic v Southampton, Sunday 18th March
18/03/2018Expires on 18/03/2018LocalLocalFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
FA Cup Quarter Finals! Few other games being show on BT Sport but there's 2 games on BBC 1 this weekend. Wigan Athletic v Southampton FA Cup Quarter-Final 13:30 BBC One Leicester… Read more
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25 mins :)


anybody watching the first match? :) Wigan Athletic v Southampton FA Cup Quarter-Final 13:30 BBC One


Leicester City v Chelsea FA Cup Quarter-Final 16:30 BBC One in the TV diary! thanks OP


Would be funny if Wigan won the cup again.


Or you could find something more productive to do with your time.

Birdman Multi-Oscar-Winning Movie available on BBC iPlayer
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Just discovered this great movie starring Michael Keaton was available on iPlayer. I liked it! Thought I'd share as others might not know it's available like I didn't. Powerful, m… Read more
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Checked the other films nominated for 2015 - all superb, especially Boyhood, which is a masterpiece. Selma. American Sniper. Whiplash (amazing). The Imitation Game. The Theory of Everything. Grand Budapest Hotel. I'd rate all of these as 10/10. Boyhood and Whiplash 11/10. HMM?


My other half hated this and so we stopped watching. Looked promising though.


Tried watching this when it was on late one night last week, very strange film.


I thought it was about mental illness or dementia. Something like that.


One of only 2 films I could not get to the end of, even though others have been dreadful too. Seemed to be the sort of film beloved by 'luvvies in the industry'

Get your kids a blue peter badge for FREE admission to over 200 attractions, Includes theme parks, Zoo’s, museums & more
Refreshed 23rd MayRefreshed 23rd May
Blue Peter badge owners can gain free entry into over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions around the country such as theme parks, zoos and castles. Its so simple to apply see bel… Read more
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Shame about the other 61,567,987 of us who haven't got one ;(


I have a Blue Peter badge from the 1980's, always forget about these offers! (Dad was in an episode and was given 2 badges for my sister and me) (cheeky)


So sorry to hear your son never got a badge for his hard work and effort. Perhaps he could be encouraged to try again for another one. His letter may have gone astray. My sons did, it was returned to sender shredded into bits, along with the photo he sent in. Sadly he didn’t bother sending it again as he already had on type.


I've not seen it mentioned in the replies but you aren't guaranteed to get a badge, not everyone who applies does. My Son did a lovely letter about the environment and current issues etc and fulfilled all the criteria but never got a badge. It's a bit disheartening for a child when they put a lot of effort into something and then don't get the badge.


Op deserves a Blue Peter badge