BBC David Attenborough DVDs : The Private Life of Plants / Life of Birds / Life In The Freezer - £3.99 each @ Borders in-store !
BBC David Attenborough DVDs : The Private Life of Plants / Life of Birds / Life In The Freezer - £3.99 each @ Borders in-store !

BBC David Attenborough DVDs : The Private Life of Plants / Life of Birds / Life In The Freezer - £3.99 each @ Borders in-store !

£3.99 each

The Private Life of Plants
Life of Birds
Life In The Freezer

£7.98 each online

The Private Life of Plants :
David Attenborough's thrilling series, taking us on a guided tour through the secret world of plants, is captured on this amazing video. The account of plant life's struggle for survival is seen as never before in a story full of drama, beauty and staggering achievement. Attenborough takes us through each aspect of plants' lives travelling, growing, flowering, their struggle with other plants and animals, and the ingenious way they adapt to even the harshest of conditions. From the 290-foot-high California Sequoia or the rattan plants that use ferocious ants as bodyguards, to the insect and even rat-devouring pitcher plants of Borneo, the mysteries of the plant world are unravelled. Using fantastic time-lapse photography, Attenborough shows us plant life in action; beautiful filming highlights the biggest, brightest and the most bizarre of plants and, with the aid of computer graphics, we enter the inner workings of the bodies of plants. Prepare to be surprised and delighted as Attenborough takes you on a journey through a world you thought you knew.

Life of Birds :
This magnificent series celebrates the incredible variety of the world's best-loved creatures and provides fresh insight into their fascinating way of life. Contains all ten episodes, from the popular BBC series with David Attenborough.To Fly or Not to Fly: When the dinosaurs disappeared, some birds abandoned flight and made a bid to take over the earth. And some are still doing so today. The Mastery of Flight: Speed, endurance and unrivalled agility are the hallmarks of the aces of the skies The Insatiable Appetite: A diversity of bill shapes and sizes have evolved to cope with all the most difficult-to-find foods, but some birds still need tools. Meat Eaters: Both hunters and scavengers need incredible strategies and skills to compete for their elusive prey. The Demands of the Egg: The drive to reproduce is fraught with danger. The Problems of Parenthood: Bringing up a baby is a full-time job that requires some very special skills. The Limits of Endurance: Changes and disasters wrought by both nature and man create new challengers. Fishing for a Living: The earth's vast areas of fresh and salt water provide dinner for millions of birds. Signals and Songs: Communication makes everything possible. Finding Partners: Extraordinary displays and bizarre mating rituals.

Life In The Freezer :
Antarctica is the wildest, coldest, most isolated continent on Earth. Covered and surrounded by 90% of the world's ice, its 14 million square kilometers are doubled each winter by the freezing of the sea. The average temperature at the South Pole is -49 Centrigrade, dropping to -70 and below in mid winter. Yet this inhospitable landscape is home to a surprisingly rich variety of wildlife, much of it unique to the region. David Attenborough and his 20-strong crew spent three years braving mountainous seas. 160kph blizzards, plummeting temperatures and glaciers the size of cathedrals for this first complete natural history of Antarctica. Venturing into previously inaccessible territory, they used the very latest technology and techniques to capture on land and under water the glories of this magnificent continent. With more scenes of sheer beauty, passion, comedy, aggression and sadness than any drama. Life in the Freezer is an unmissable opportunity to experience the last true wilderness on earth.

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