BBC Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit 19 CD Audio Boxset £20.99 from The Works

BBC Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit 19 CD Audio Boxset £20.99 from The Works

Found 22nd Aug 2013
Use Code BLUECROSS30 for 30% off advertised price of £29.99.
Call into your local store and pick it up or have it delivered for £2.99 (free if you bump the order to over £30 with discount) and there's 19% cashback available from Quidco .. thanks rufasA

This CD box set contains the highly-acclaimed BBC Radio dramatisations of 'The Lord of the Rings' and its fantastic prelude 'The Hobbit', along with two CDs of thrilling music. These magical adaptations became instant classics when they were first broadcast on BBC Radio 4, and continue to delight today. Tolkien's epic tale of Middle-earth has all the classic ingredients of fantasy and adventure: dwarves, elves, goblins and trolls, a terrifying dragon, a great wizard, a fearsome evil, a perilous quest and a dramatic climax. With an all-star cast including Ian Holm, Michael Hordern, Robert Stephens, John le Mesurier and Bill Nighy, these enchanting dramatisations are a must for all Tolkien fans.
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Are these any good? I'm yet to find anything close to Hitch-hikers Guide.
I've had these for years and are a quality radio dramatisation, well worth the money if you're a Tolkien fan!
Heat from me! Delivery is £2.99 (free if you bump the order to over £30 with discount) and there's 19% cashback available from Quidco - bargain!

The BBC dramatisation of LoTR was IMHO very good, but obviously a very different style to HHGTTG. Won't be re-broadcast due to copyright ownership issues. Not heard the Hobbit, but I imagine it was also good, for £20ish you can't go wrong if you enjoy the stories.
These are not my cup of tea but I will give heat as that seems to be a very good price
Highly recommended, my precioussss. I taped this when it first came out & I'm so tempted to replace. Heat from me.
Are there limitations on the BLUECROSS30 code? I put this, and HHGTTG CD box in my basket, applied the code, and it's only taken the money off the LOTR one, not the HHG one.
Fantastic, well acted drama, especially LOTR. Listen to it every year, I enjoy it better than the films as I find them closer to the books. A steal at this price.
Considering Bilbo in this (Ian Holm) is Bilbo in Peter Jackson's rendition, I think that says something about the quality. Fantastic. Heat from me.
The Lord of the Rings adaptation is one of the best BBC radio productions ever. Simply brilliant and worth every penny.
LOTR is simply brilliant - a MUST for all Tolkien fans.

The Hobbit is pretty awful actually. Terrible voice for Gandalf, and the pronounciation of some names is so bad is it laughable!
Brilliant set of CD's listened to the complete set over last winter travelling up and down the M6/69. Will probably do the same again this year.

Available slightly cheaper from 3rd party sellers on amazon if you have vouchers to use…+CD
might make a change to podcasts for my running listening. must be a decent length ?
Really really really excellent adaptation of LOTR, for me far superior to the films.
Ian Holm is Frodo, which is why the films gave him the Bilbo roll.

Would recommend extremely strongly.
Kramer, I think it is 13x1 hour episodes.
A classic, and the best ever voice for the character of Gollum from Peter Woodthorpe, who also voiced him in the animated film. He also dubbed the voice for Pigsy in the TV series Monkey.
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