BBC Proms at Royal Albert Hall £5.00 @

BBC Proms at Royal Albert Hall £5.00 @

Found 27th Aug 2009
If you've never been to the Proms before and like classical music or just want to experience the Royal Albert Hall this is a great opportunity.
Every concert has upto 1400 standing tickets available for £5 cash on the door. A great price to experience world class music at a world class venue.
This isn't really a new deal, and the proms are half way through but so many people don't know about this opportunity and there is still plenty of time to catch a concert - there are concerts every night until 12th September

You can choose to be in the arena (just in front of the stage on the ground floor, or in the gallery right at the top. I went last night to the gallery and I loved being able to stretch out and lie down on the floor! Go try it! (nb if you prefer to have a proper seat they start at £7 for the smaller concerts but it's just not as fun!)


Worth it just to experience the hall imo. Would choose the arena over the gallery (unless you like heights that is)

It is a beautiful building and agree that the gallery is VERY high up so best to go for the arena-voted hot.

If you go, walk all the way around the interior corridor of the building and look at the photos on display. You really get a feel for the history of great music that has gone on in the building. Be prepared to spend as long looking around inside at the building as you do watching the performer :-)

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Wouldn't disagree with you both that the Gallery is very high up - but I really liked it there - didn't get to see the Orchestra up close but you get an amazing view of the hall and the building and it's more spacious so you can find a space, lie down and enjoy the atmosphere - were lots of people who brought rugs etc!
I guess Arena is good for being close to Orchestra (right at the stage if you get there early!) and Gallery is good for chilling!
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