BBC Threads DVD - £5.99 @ Play

BBC Threads DVD - £5.99 @ Play

Found 6th Sep 2008
Excellent nuclear holocaust drama. Also 4% cashback through quidco.

Set in the paranoia of nuclear war, this chilling and BAFTA-award winning BBC2 drama was aired causing outrage and anxiety amongst the viewing public due to its graphic and realistic storytelling of a possible nuclear strike. After its initial airing Threads became a national talking point and became a powerful and terrifying glimpse into a post holocaust world after a devastating nuclear bomb. Even more terrifying was that this 'drama' could in fact easily become a living nightmare.

Set in Sheffield, the story follows Ruth and her fiancee who are looking forward to beginning a new life with a baby and a new flat when suddenly the unthinkable happens and the world is suddenly erupted into a full scale nuclear war. After the attack the landscape is changed dramatically with the survivors scavenging through the devastation and corpses, trying to forage what they can; nurses in hospitals unable to do anything other than comfort the dying; and a. society is descended back to its most basic level


You'll love Threads - just the sort of thing to sit down & watch with the kids on a wet Sunday afternoon.

Don't whatever you do watch it if you're feeling depressed. And don't accidentially flip over to a reality show with a squawking self-obsessed minor celeb, you'll want to commit a hate crime just to obliterate their general sense of complacency...

Have fun!

This used to go for good money on fleabay as it was deleted. Now it's out again, i've ordered. Well worth £5.99 to see how those 'sensible' people we trusted to look after us in the 80s almost fried us all alive due to childish, infantile political principle :x

Voted hot. Had this for ages, had to have it as I remember the original broadcast. Picture quality's not that great though it has to be said.

Depressing but excellent drama. More gritty and realistic than Jericho!

I loved the fact that the nuclear strike was centred on the head office of the government skills agency I worked for. Also as one critic pointed out at the time, look for the fillings in the teeth of one of the post-apocalyptic people. Apparently there were dentists then even after a nuclear war. Wish we could say the same now :-)

Voted hot

filmed in sheffield too, loads of my mates were extras in this. voted hot

the bit where granny craps herself is priceless!
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