BBC's Life, The Making Of
BBC's Life, The Making Of

BBC's Life, The Making Of

Get the making Of Life FREE On iTunes!

Open Up iTunes, Go To TV Programmes, Then Scroll To the Bottom Where It Says ' Free On iTunes ' And Lastly Scroll Right To Find It.

When You Click On It, You Will Get 1 Episode ( The Preview ) And 10 Other Episodes

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The "go to deal" button does not land on the expected Itunes link needed to take us to the free TV section.

I had a lot of trouble finding where the free tv was on Itunes, if you do as well, then just keep looking, it is there and it is worth it.

Anything free is worth it, some might say!!!

Still, I can't help thinking that the old blinkbox.com free TV listings are a lot better, most of this Itunes free TV stuff seems to be junk like John Cleese talking about Fawltey Towers, rather than the actual episodes, which at first you are misled into thinking is what you might get.

Still, I vote hot rather than cold, as the post is about this behind-the-scenes episod of a superb series, not about the Itunes free tv quality.
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