BBQ Briquettes (RRP £20.00) instore £2.00 @ Millets & Blacks or del £6.95

BBQ Briquettes (RRP £20.00) instore £2.00 @ Millets & Blacks or del £6.95

Found 25th Aug 2010
Very cheap at £2.00. RRP £20.00

Available at Millets and Blacks instore.
Or get delivered for a total £6.95


Product Information

If you've been too busy entertaining your friends with the Lokkii BBQ Bucket and enjoying all the sumptuous, chargrilled food you've rustled up, you may have forgotten to stock up on the BBQ Briquettes which keep it sizzling.

If so, add some to your basket now. These unique thick discs of recycled charcoal light as fast as gas and also don't transfer that nasty chemical taste into your rustic barbecued food.

Unlike charcoal, they're clean to touch so won't leave you with smudgy fingers and also thanks to their environmentally-friendly properties, they won't harm mother nature either.


Was tempted, but are these just the equivalent of 2Kg of charcoal?

I almost ordered this too, until I found this…tml

I think he goes a bit overboard but then I noticed this pack only contains 2 briquettes (apparently the equivalent of 2kg of charcoal). If each briquette is 4 inch diameter it's not a large cooking area.

If you only want these for camping and have a portable bbq then this looks like a reasonable deal, so heat added (low heat according to his rave).

Now I've seen a picture I realise I've used these before, Home Bargains had some in April. You got of these hexagon things in a pack for £2,99, how many do you get in this one?

EDIT: Just looked, you get 2 apparently! Sod that.
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