BBQ food Was 2 for £5 now half price £1.49 @ Sainsburys

BBQ food Was 2 for £5 now half price £1.49 @ Sainsburys

Found 16th Jun 2010
Went to sainsburys last night (bamber bridge) and most of the 2 for £5 BBQ fresh range were half price
Sainsbury's British Pork Kebabs With Peppers & BBQ Sauce 348g £1.49
Sainsbury's British Chicken Mini Fillet Kebabs With Tikka Marinade 220g £1.49
There were lots more but cant remember exactly which ones ( the tag on the shelf said 1/2 price but the packaging still says 2 for £5
Some are freezable


i guess i don't need to look at the weather forecast for the next week then

Was in last night and saw loads reduced as was that days date, meant the pack of 2 minted lamb shoulder steaks were 75p! Got very confused so went back to the BBQ section and saw this, I'd say 2/3 of the BBQ food was half price. Ones I remember are:

Burgers with garden herbs (x2)
Burgers with west country cheese (x4)
Beef and chilli kebabs (meat on a stick! x 12)

These were reduced in our Sainsburys yesterday, but back up in price today. I think they are just selling off the near out of date stuff.

Yup, not an offer... just stuff about to go out of day, and store specific.

You may have misunderstood my post, they were half price on the normal shelf but also had some in the reduced section which were stupidly cheap. They were definately on offer in Stafford, not sure about elsewhere.
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