BCE 6Ft Air Hockey Table - Was £194.00 Now £99.00 Delivered @ John Lewis

BCE 6Ft Air Hockey Table - Was £194.00 Now £99.00 Delivered @ John Lewis

Found 3rd Jan 2009Made hot 4th Jan 2009
This 6ft air hockey table is a sturdy table top in a polished brown finish, with perforated with air holes to allow the puck to glide over the surface. It features a bolt on leg system and independent leg levellers for a balanced set up, giving neither side the advantage. Includes a 240V electric motor, 2x pucks and 2x pushers.


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If only I had the space for one, great price though and looks like great quality.:thumbsup:


awsome, same here need more space. 1day i shall own one tho and a 6ft snooker table again

Thanks heat added .Just ordered 2 ,Great Price

Very cool, voted hot


Anyone know if this sounds like a proper arcade one?

so tempted to route a top for this and install it at my gf's - she says that she wants a new dining table.
i also need to know how this compares to local leisure centre/arcade/lazer tag etc tables.

Great deal, especially with my john lewis 25% discount

My mate has got one of these in his garage! His is the blue one though. If they have the same spec then its a pretty decent table. When i have played, the pucks float effortlessly and the fan isn't too loud either.

Hmmm if only i had the space for this!

Miguel - sorry but you will not get your discount on reduced items

Snedger - sorry to say this is pants for laser tag

I'll get my coat


good price but silly game! if it was a pool table, i'll buy!

This is ok for ten minutes in an arcade but boring after a couple of hours at home.
I know this because I have one collecting dust in the loft.
Good price maybe if you have a youth club etc though...

Looks like good quality and a good size too. With fre delivery, this is a bargain. Voted hot. Well done.


Great deal, especially with my john lewis 25% discount

Not on this. Discount doesn't apply to reduced to clear, but does apply to special purchase.
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