(doll) was 24.99 now 4.99 @ currys instore
34°Expired (doll) was 24.99 now 4.99 @ currys instore

Found 11th Jan 2008
Create your own Bratz doll online
Register her online
One supplied
Styles may vary
Age suitability 6+

only available instore, have managed to get one at our nearest currys, and just typical as i paid 24.99 before xmas, so a bargain, for birthday presents.


Im sure i saw this mentioned on MSE that you have to pay or collect points to use the website, i might be wrong.

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i'm not too sure got daughter one for xmas , and has been playing with it, but will ask her when she gets in from school, even so , i brought one to put in cupboard for school friends partys.

This is a great price but or anyone using Windows Vista or an Apple Mac, this will NOT work out of the box. If you use Vista (or Mac) you have to register on a PC running Windows XP or 2000. After you register using an another PC, You can log in to your account on a Vista or Mac but the USB pendant will NOT work.

Thanks for the tip deanos, was about to reserve one for daughters b'day next month but won't bother now - you could end up spending a small fortune having to purchase points to continue playing on the site, no wonder they're reduced to £4.99!

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Yep i was right , heres the post … Yep i was right , heres the post >

thanks very much for the feedback, helped us all out.

thanks got one for my daughter, even £5 for the dol is good, although she has tried swapping my mouse for the tiny pink one it comes with!



thanks very much for the feedback, helped us all out.

****..........i got 3 ....before i read this.......... ah well, will plead ignorance, as they are for 'surprise' birthdays.
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