Be Kind Rewind £4.99 DVD delivered @ HMV
Be Kind Rewind £4.99 DVD delivered @ HMV

Be Kind Rewind £4.99 DVD delivered @ HMV

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Be Kind Rewind on DVD is available for £4.99 @ HMV.

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Music-video-director-turned-auteur Michel Gondry continues to charm with the low-tech offering, BE KIND REWIND. Set in dreary Passaic, New Jersey, the comedy centres on two of the town's residents: trouble-making Jerry (Jack Black) and well-meaning Mike (Mos Def). Mike works in a video store in an age where the VHS is long dead, but the store's owner, Mr. Fletcher (Danny Glover), doesn't seem to be in any hurry to change. When Mr. Fletcher leaves town for a trip, he entrusts his store to Mike with one piece of advice: don't let Jerry in the store. But after some mischief, Jerry returns to the store in a strange state. Not only is he weirder than usual, but he's also magnetised, which causes the entire store's stock to be erased. In order to keep the struggling business afloat, Mike and Jerry begin remaking the films in the store one by one. Their hilariously low-budget versions of films such as GHOSTBUSTERS and RUSH HOUR 2 soon begin to draw attention and business to the store, but that creates a whole new set of problems for the pair.
Though Gondry's three previous fiction films--HUMAN NATURE, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, and THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP--were all essentially love stories, BE KIND REWIND captures another kind of romance. Both the writer-director and his characters are in love with the cinematic medium itself, and their devotion shows. This is simply a hilarious comedy, fun for film fans of all types, which celebrates the sheer joy of watching and making films.


If you havent seen it and are thinking of buying it because its a comedy then dont buy it,not voted either way but i thought the film was rubbish

The film wasnt the best. I thought it would have been alot better. I do not reccomend it. Jack Black has done a lot better.

this is the worst film


If you havent seen it and are thinking of buying it because its a comedy … If you havent seen it and are thinking of buying it because its a comedy then dont buy it,not voted either way but i thought the film was rubbish

Completely agree with you. It was definitely not what I was expecting.

I really enjoyed this.........

Good price, pretty good film. If you were after it before then buy at this price and you cant go wrong. If you werent after it, then toss a coin or something cos opinion seems to be polarised!

This has been on here cheaper and even then it wasn't worth the money. Save your cash for something worthwhile in my opinion. Sorry :oops:

One of the WORST films I have seen i think.

God it was terrible. What was the POINT in the whole magnetised thing other than setting up wiping the video store? Then he just peed it out?


Trailers looked good and the idea of jack black doing his own versions of 80's films like ghostbusters and robocop sounded great, but apart from the the clips shown in trailers, the film was not really much of a comedy. Was an Ok film at best but disappointed as it is made out ot be a great comedy.

totally pants

Wow! Cant believe people are saying how great Doom is, yet this is luke warm, and an infinitely better movie! Some strange tastes!

I watched this on a plane last summer. It isn't too bad. I enjoy making playmobil animation shorts with my kids, so I made some connection with the diy elements.

terrible terrible film

i agree with the majority here, i saw the trailer, thought it looked awesome, then i watched the film, and after 30-45 minutes it stopped being funny and got serious. its not a bad film, but its not the comedy i or many others expected it to be, and who cares about jazz really???

Great film. Nice, heartwarming and a little different. Mos Def is a lousy actor tho - he always seems confused. Like the cinematic equivalent of Dida - there's a man who always looks like he can't remember if he left the iron on.

One scene will make you laugh, besides that it aint a great movie.

I enjoyed it but then again i'm less critical when i download things.

Worst film ever.

I watched it a few months back and didn't enjoy it but got the blu-ray from woolies for about £1 so thought I would watch it again before selling. Really enjoyed it the 2nd time. It has some funny moments. Could have been better but still enjoyable...

i watch 1 film each week making that 52 films per year, and have been doing so for the past couple years. im 17 years old and......


When i go to the cinema i have the mindset, "enjoy the film and dont walk out becuse i have payed to watch this" but seriously i couldnt wait to leave, it cant call itself a comedy because there is no laughs in it at all.

HMV should be paying the custmer to take these off the shelves.

Rubbish film !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wasn't a great film it's £4.98 at Amazon if your buying anything else there (2p) too qualify for free delivery..

[COLOR=Olive]I paid 1p on Virgin Media 'movies for 1p promo' and I nearly asked for my money back[/COLOR]!

If carsleberg did movies......this certainly wouldnt be one !!


[COLOR="Navy"]Love Jack, but can't fathom out why he wasted his time with such a rubbish script.
It might not be the worst film of all time but must rank in top five of really bad films from last year.
Agree with previous posters, do sommit more worthwhile with your money and give this a miss.[/COLOR]

How the hell did this become hot when (nearly) every comment says it's rotten???

I didn't think much of it myself, certainly wouldn't pay more money to watch it. I really want to vote cold, but I just don't care enough to vote.......

I actually watched this in the pics

I felt so robbed I nearly phoned the police, all the funny bits are in the 30 second trailer

Gondry The Man
loved science of sleep and this

What an awful film!

mos def is shocking...poor poor film.
who mentioned doom?THAT was awlful!

doom, great to pass the time and laugh at the unintentional funniness, same w this, the ghostbusters scene the only one where i properly laughed, still enjoyed it tho' as it was quite fun

What we have here is a quite heart warming and somewhat surreal story that the studio tried to pass off as an all out comedy which left a lot of people disappointed.

I think a lot of people had fixed expectations of this film and totally missed the point, it was supposed to be surreal more than it was supposed to be funny. All you have to bear in mind is that the director's previous film was the excellent "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"

The actors aren't playing it for laughs, it's just that their actions are often amusing in an absurdist way.

Like I said before, the studio realized that this was far from the average mainstream film and so used very selective clips to put together a trailer that suggested it was your typical hollywood comedy film and a lot of people ended up disappointed.

I like surreal stuff so this did appeal to me somewhat, I found the innocence of the characters quite endearing and the many methods the writers came up with for the characters to cheaply imitate hollywood effects was ingenious, I loved the scene where they use the inverse color mode on the video camera to simulate the night time, this causes the problem of the characters faces being inversed too so they go and make inverted photocopies of their faces to use as masks so that their faces come out correctly but it still looks like nighttime.

Definitely not to everyone's tastes but I can't help feeling that all the negative responses are from people who were mislead by the trailer and not so much from people who knew what to expect but were still disappointed.

This is bad,its nearly as bad as mos defs voice in 16 blocks,or that guy in half baked who seriously cant act with his bill and ted second rate stoner dude acting,man thats got to be worse than this.

absolutely awful, and I haven't even watched it


absolutely awful, and I haven't even watched it

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