BE QUICK : 26" LCD HD TV With Digital Tuner £350.37
BE QUICK : 26" LCD HD TV With Digital Tuner £350.37

BE QUICK : 26" LCD HD TV With Digital Tuner £350.37

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You are going to need to be quick on this one

Aria have a rush hour day - many reduced items


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26-inch LCD Special! Hyundai E260D with Integrated Digital Tuner. This beautifully designed 26-inch Hyundai LCD television creates gorgeous lifelike images that make your shows and movies more compelling than ever! The Hyundai E260D features an integrated digital tuner (ATSC). The E260D's ultra-fast 8ms response time means you'll enjoy smooth seamless video images that capture all the action and drama with astonishing realism. The Hyundai E260D also features a 7-watt 2-channel speaker system .


Integrated DTV ( DVB-T)


FiT Engine¢â (Fine Imaging Technology)

WXGA+(1366x768) Resolution

Brightness : 450 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio 1200:1

170¡Æ(H)/170¡Æ(V) Viewing Angle

8ms Fast Response Time

7Wx2ch Speaker System



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Manufacturer ARIA
Aspect ratio 16:9
Brightness 450 cd/m2
Contrast ratio 1200:1
Display area 575.77(H) x 323.71(V) mm
Display colours 16.7M
Inputs Antenna (RF), PC Analog input (RGB), DVI, HDMI-HDCP, D-Sub, Composite, S-Video, Component (Y/Pb/Pr), PC Audio
Kensington lock yes
Lamplife of backilght >50,000hrs
Pip/pop Yes
Power consumption 120 W
Power output MAX 7W x 2ch
Resolution 1366 x 768
Response time 8ms
Sound output mode NICAM/A2 stereo
Speakers Detachable
Tv system PAL B/G, D/K, I,SECAM B/G, L, COFDM
Tv tuner 1 (PAL), (DVB-T)
Viewing angle 170 / 170
Wall mount VESA 100mm x 200mm
Weight 12.2Kg

Got one B4 I saw this post.

I think a good price still 480 inc VAT many places.

HAd been considering Samsung at 450 with Currys codes.
Saved 75 quid after delivery not sure how it compares. Samsung panels are good.

Good find Thanks!

Its back on again 2 more units available

May be a con.

When I ordered 2 were available , completed my order. I then watcvhed it go down to 0 and dissapear when gone.

Then 2 more appeared on offer soon after.

Now got an email from aria stating sorry none available accidentaly sold all stock. None at supplier

Does this TV have HDMI SCART??

Thank you.

I think that the offer is strickly one per customer, may be that is the reason you order didn't go through

I only ordered 1 .
Was showing availability of 2 on site.

My card was charged, the say they will refund.

I think if I am charged the sale is binding no matter what they say in text and get out clasues on their site.

Got the same "out of stock moments before you placed your order" line.

But they're apparently still available to order at £429.00 +VAT

So I ordered one at that price, be interesting to see if it ships !

Aria are one of the best sites on the net, and they have a loyal customer base...i'm sure they will ship at £429+ vat

Well if they do, I'll be having a word with TS.

You can't take the money for them at 1.00pm, refund cos out of stock at 2.00pm then accept and ship an order for the exact same thing but at £150.00 more at 3.00pm !

Expect to wait at least 10 days for a refund. Happened to me about 8 months ago when I took avantage of an offer they had and they declined it after taking the money

It is interesting.

I have been replying to their customer service all afternoon.
Apparently stock back in mid week.
So I said I dont mind waiting, Had originally requested next day for tomorrow (2nd)

So perhaps they are taking orders knowing they can deliver mid week.

I said I dont mind hanging on, and despite several emails from different staff in CS I have dont knwo the status. As all they reply is 'OK' ,'Thanks for letting us know'

so will wait and see.

I was watching the site and placed my order as soon as the TV came online, it then went off, and came back on sale again later. Weird, They have said techincal issues. lol what a get out.

TDS here I come.

To make matters worse.

The site is currently showing 1 in stock at the higher price. 5:05PM


Was your orginal order for next day delivery?

GD - No, just regular delivery.

You get it in writing that they have more stock next week ?

This is what they told me...

Unfortunately the Hyundai 26" Vvuon E260D HD+DVB-T ordered by you had gone out of stock moments before your order was placed. We have attempted to obtain additional stock but have been unsuccessful. I have processed a cancellation on this order and you will be fully refunded within the next few working days.

I apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your order.

Kind Regards,
Samuel Palmer
Customer Services Administration
Aria Technology Ltd.

Well, well, well.

No £350.00 stock available ?

Managed to ship one for £515.00 a couple of hours later though !

Thank you for your order: ******. Your goods have now been dispatched.

To track your order, please visit [url]city-link.co.uk/
Please see *** for more information.

M12 4AS

Then do not buy it, they are lier, never do business with them again.

Looks a bit of a cop out petrocelli... Did you order that one at the higher price?

Petro ,

In an email , this is after I got the same email as you fobbing me off,cancelling order. So I complained stating site said there was stock and was told is stock mid week. I think many of us got that email but got different answers if we followed up depending upon which rep answered your complaint.

I checked my online order, not cancelled yet.

Perhaps this is a try on.

here is the banter

latest at top

Dear Customer

With reference to your e-mail,

When the item(s) are back in stock, your order will be one of the first to be released with these item(s).

If we are unable to supply these item(s), we will cancel this transaction and refund you in full for this transaction.



-----Original Message-----
From: C-Serve [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 01 December 2006 16:06

Subject: #[00000001]# RE: RE: Urgent Enquiry

When I say that I am assuming you will honour the price and transaction if I wait for stock.

-----Original Message-----
From: [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 01 December 2006 15:58

Subject: RE: RE: Urgent Enquiry

Thank you for your patience


-----Original Message-----
From: C-Serve [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 01 December 2006 15:57
To: Cserve
Subject: #[00000004]# RE: Urgent Enquiry

That's fine I don't mind waiting.

-----Original Message-----
From: [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 01 December 2006 15:33
Subject: RE: Urgent Enquiry


I am informed that the stock is going to be in the first half of next week


rayman: sure did, and letting them send it too.

Also sent a mail to their cs asking to explain the apparent stock level oversight / sharp business practice. Let them decide which it was...and take it from there.

Reply should be...interesting.

GD...odd how they told me that no further stocks are available yet tell you that they are due mid next week...and you'll be the first to know...aye, right !


I dont mind backing you up, assisting.

Given that the cancellation email came so quick weird they can not refund or update the status on their site that quick.

I think if they have charged your card they have entered into a contract. No matter what small print they write trying to get out of it in disclaimers.

Since others in this thread have ordered other items on previous rush hours and not been refunded for a while seems like an attempt to get a temporary cash boost in their account.

I see a complaint to TDS coming on.

Will be interesting to see what I told mid week.

As for the over ordering glitch blaming IT systems, timing, what a lame excuse. Its not like it was a silly price or a mistake. Therefore I think one could argue contract is binding.

GD - Don't get your hopes mate, this mob are slippier than a slippery slippy thing !

In refernce to your recent enquiries, I regret to inform you that we will not be able to offer you this product at anything less than the stated price on order EC******. This order has been placed for an item that has come from an entirely different batch than the goods that you had originally ordered.

This earlier order was for an item of very limited availablilty. The goods were oversold, an unfortunate event and one that can occur with such an appealing offer. In this instance you have been promptly informed and fully refunded for the goods that we were unable to supply.

Any subsequent orders you have made have been placed at your own discretion and have not been the result of any recommendation or guarantee that we have provided. We are under no obligation to reduce the price of an item that you have confirmed and agreed to purchase.

Thank you for your enquiry and I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,
Samuel Palmer
Customer Services Administration
Aria Technology Ltd.

Cant wait to have a go and pay my 40 quid to go to small claims.

oversold--- how come on a modern system. I write web banking system and this kind of thing should not happen on properly written software, and since this is not the first rush hour , technical issues won't count.

If they take your cash and charge you they have accepted the sale.


After thought, have you been refunded yet?

Not yet on the £350 order GD, and still pondering whether to cancel the £505 one under the 7 day rule or accept it and push all the way with TS/Small Claims. Thing is, I'm not inclined to ruin my Xmas with this bunch of lying t*ssers.

"Different batch" my @rse, if you have inventory then accept an order for it then you should be honour bound to sell it, not decide it's a different "batch" when you feel like it.

And as for "very limited availability"...where on earth was that ever mentioned on any rush hour? If they meant only limited quantities of an item to be available then surely their system is fit to list and sell a specific amount of units???

Na, bunch of cowboys mate, lied to me, lied to you and probably countless others, and likely lie all the way with TS/Small Claims too.

These are now showing as in stock again in Manchester...
Been watching stock levels past few days.

Petro,also noticed that the confirmatiopn email on their web site informs you of the location of the item, or warehouse. In my case Manchester.

I have send them e-mail as well (they did no reply me at all), and my money has not been refunded until today......

GD - Manchester for both my orders..from different "batches" though eh ?

Novatech had a hyundai with dvb but DVI not HDMI this morning 1 in stock for £350 inc

Funny how the stock is in Manchester, I think we have proof for TDS it is not from a different batch.

Anyone know of anyone that got one at the reduced price.

Didn't they promise you one today, "when/if they came back into stock" GD?

Have enquired, notified them of stock levels and awaiting a reply.

I'll cross my fingers for you, but ain't holding my breath !

No reply overnight so fired off another email. read receipt etc.

Got an abrupt reply from the person who thanked me for my patience last week saying my order had been cancelled and refunded.

Checked with the bank, checked with aria online order status.

I disagree with her.

Also pointed out she should read the mail history before firing off replies.

Awaiting another reply.

Complained to TDS, I am not the first. They are upholding (accepting) complaint and gathering information.

Perhaps BBS watchdog next.

I am annoyed now, aria customer service sure sucks.

GD - I think I'll join you with a claim / TS report myself.

Been waiting all week for these numpties/liars to at least acknowledge my cancellation request for the £515.00 order, not a word from them. But, if you email asking in respect of making a purchase, they reply almost instantly.

Interesting detail on both my invoices, where it describes the terms of the Rush Hour.

"..each product will only be available at the extensively slashed price for one hour"

Nothing there about "different batches" or "minimal quantities".

Can't see a court interpreting "available for one hour" as "minimal quantities from different batches" - can you?
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