Be quick!! Nintendo Wii-Remote Controller @ - £16.99 delivered! (Google C

Be quick!! Nintendo Wii-Remote Controller @ - £16.99 delivered! (Google C

Found 20th May 2007
Be quick guys...this one may not last long! For some reason, Google Checkout is discounting £10 off this product even though its only £26.99. I tried it upto the google checkout stage and it definitely only comes upto £16.99 (using free 2nd class delivery).

It seems its a fault on Google Checkout and not the M&G website i reckon so the chances u get this might be good. As i said this may not last long so be quick as google may fix it or the website will change the price and/or go out of stock.


Nice find

Is it just this product or is it any under £30

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Is it just this product or is it any under £30

i quickly tried on another product but no might just be a one off. If u find anything let us know :thumbsup:

Bargain Nice Find

I got free delivery on all 4 delivery options (1st & 2nd class standard & recorded)

I've order 2 so I can do 4P tennis now Hope this comes up good.

Nice find, cheers,

good find & yep free delivery on all p&p optioins for me too.


Your going to be waiting a while.

Avail: Usually dispatched within 14 Days

why does it allow the order when its less than 30quid. Ordered anyway. top find.

thanks for this, just ordered!

Great find voted hot

Dont you get this controller with wii play game?

Wow big thanks!!!! You may need to add an update their second class delliverly now 99p. :santa:

Hmm I have just been invoiced £26.99 ?

That's weird. The first wiimote I bought I coulkd select first class for free. The second time they aren't free anymore.

Great found btw. This google checkout offer seems to apply everywhere but for items over £30. This wiimote although is cheaper than £30 I have no idea why it works

Ok the invoice from M&G shows a £27.99 invoice, but Google charged me £17.99 only. What I think is Google is doing a promotion on their own that they cover up the price difference themselves internally.

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Hmm I have just been invoiced £26.99 ?

was it the store email? google usually mention this bit...

"Google Checkout £10 Bonus - £10 off orders over £30 (excluding delivery). Bonus may not appear on store's emails."

I have been charged for delivery even though it said £0.00 when I placed the order.

If you want free delivery you must choose 2nd Class Post, even though it shows the other 3 as free


Dont you get this controller with wii play game?

Yes - see ]http//ww…ith for the Wii Play deal through this seller

Both deals are by the same seller. I couldn't get the remote to load into 'my cart' at the deal page but have just bought the wii play game instead.Thanks for that info!

Great find... I ordered the Wii Play & remote combination from this site yesterday and thought that was a good price! This is GREAT! Makes 4 player stuff affordable at last!

cant get it into the shopping basket

any1 recived theres?

I got confirmation of shipping on both my ordereds today

On the product page it lists as £26.99 but when its in the cart it comes up as £29.99 whats that about?!

Drop it to 2nd class, and it will still be £28.49.
They now charge postage for accessories
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