Beach Shelter with UV30 Sun Protection £8.99 at Aldi

Beach Shelter with UV30 Sun Protection £8.99 at Aldi

Found 22nd Jul 2014
really cheaper than other stores i know .Set up anywhere for easy shelter from the sun and wind.
■Quick and easy to pitch and dismantle
■Choose from 2 designs
■Includes: Fibreglass Poles, 4 Steel Pegs and Carry Bag
■Size: 190 x 110 x 100cm
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They also have a better, SPF50 shelter for £17.99 ('sunshade' brand) which I'm sure will probably hit half price soon as we bought ours about 4 weeks ago x
Thank you for posting might pop in for one at that price
Weren't these £5 in Morrisons last week, but don't think they had inbuilt sun protection.

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So it comes with a bottle of sun cream?

I wonder what spf rating my house roof is?
Not on offer till Sunday 27th
Picked the Morrisons ones up at the weekend for £5, pretty good. Says UV+35 protection on the packet. To be fair, pretty much any fabric will offer pretty decent sun protection unless it's a string vest! So the UV protection numbers are a bit daft.
protect u from sun but will boil ur assss off inside it..
Better offer and quality at morrisons
Bought one today. Absolute crap quality. Material torn and stitching falling apart. Going straight back.
thanks for this, was gonna pick one up but will go for the Morrison's on instead!
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