Bean Boozled Spinner Game (3rd Edition) £7.45 @ eBay / peripheral_centre

Bean Boozled Spinner Game (3rd Edition) £7.45 @ eBay / peripheral_centre

Found 13th Nov 2017
If you haven't played this game - seriously be prepared! We played this game as a family and WOW!

Some seriously disgusting flavours like the egg and the dog food!

Well worth having a go as a party/xmas game

You can also buy other edition boxes here


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£7.42 on Amazon, cheaper anywhere else someone?
I swear I saw a version of these for £4/5 odd in B&M? I can't be sure.
I bought in B&M last week for £1.99
My daughter begged for this for her birthday but it literally made her and her friends feel ill all day after tasting the gross ones
The trouble is, there are roughly the same amount of disgusting ones as nice ones, so there's no tension. Imagine Russian Roulette where you're just as likely to put a bullet in your head as not?
You're very likely to get a vomit flavoured one, or alas, earwax.
And for that reason, I'm out.
The cheaper boxes are just replacement beans, this includes the spinning dial.
Funny game, vomit flavour is by far the worst.
I've seen three different people on YouTube videos literally vomit after getting unlucky on the beans. Be careful!
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