Beanfeast Savoury Mince only 29p

Beanfeast Savoury Mince only 29p

LocalFound 6th Jun 2008
Popped into the Swansea (parc tawe) instore to get some plant pots and saw Beanfeast Savoury Mince variety sachets @ 0.29p per pack.

This is normally about 80p in the supermarkets so quite a bargain and a year date on it (bbe may 2009).

We use this for cottage pies etc and it is quite lush. I fully expect some flames from the anti vege camp - but to pre empt some comments; cows don't come minced either.

this really is a great choice for people looking for a cheap hearty meal that is also extremely healthy.
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Good price....can't eat the stuff though, makes me fart like a b'stard. :oops:
I am not veggie,but does indeed round lush :-P good deal

I am not a vege either, it is a good alternative to meat mince for making pies etc.... can make you mr trumpet trousers for sure :whistling:

Also, weigh this up;

A filling meal for 4 from a sachet of this, a little mixed veg and some mashed tatoes - cheap as chips
My guinea pigs love this stuff.
Actually did taste tests on this in a cottage pie and 3 meat eaters failed to notice it wasn't meat.
i love the stuff, but ive never heard of instore, so no cheap Beanfeast for me

i love the chilli or the bolognaise stuff too
instore used to be poundstretcher :thumbsup:
ah yes, dont have any of those within like.. 18 miles
no worries, good deal nonetheless!
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