Beanstalk My 1st Trampoline & Enclosure - £32.49 @ Argos (1/2 price)

Beanstalk My 1st Trampoline & Enclosure - £32.49 @ Argos (1/2 price)

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For indoors or outdoor use, complete with safety net enclosure.
A great way to get kids active whilst remaining safe.
Compact size , easy to assemble, quality material, full net enclosure, protective foamed padding, heavy duty trampoline pad.
Weight restrictions 50kg.
Size (H)180, (W)140, (D)140cm.
Made from steel and foam.
For ages 3 to 6 years.


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Perfect prezzie for daughter. :-D
Now for a 50" panny G10 for me :whistling:
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Looks good, reserved one for my daughter she'll love it.

Does anybody on here have one ??? Just wandering about storage, is there a cover or something so these can be left outside or is it a matter of using it and putting away each time ?? Cheers.

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Hi, got one of these last year. I was lucky enough to get one when B&Q reduced them to £25. I've nowhere to store mine and it would be too much hassle to dismantle so mine has been out all winter. I'm sure it's not ideal for them and mine won't last as long as someone that can put it in a garage but so far it's still going. £32.49 is still an excellent price for one of these.

Got one of these last year, orange one. Horrible to put together, could not get it circular, poles for the netting all bow inwards and after a year outdoors is in such a state we took it down this weekend.
As the above poster says, if you can put it away then it's ok, if your leaving it out it may end up the horrible unused eye sore that ours was!

Perfect, thank you! I have been looking for a trampoline like this on offer!

good price - got one of these when Woolworths stores where still around and has lasted well but horrible to put together. Not great bounce in them either but Ok for little ones I guess who shouldn't be usuiing trampolines too much anyway at that age

so im guessing this isnt suitable from the age range for a very active niece for her 1st birthday... she would absolutely love this im sure

Excellent, My 2 year old little girl will love this, she love bouncing! Thanks

They are designed for 3 to 7 year olds. We got ours when our wee fella was 2.

The foam disintergrates eventially i got one 2 years ago from argos at half price £12.50 the plastic also fads in the sunlight but appart from that its great.

it's coming up as £64.99 for me can anyone help

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it's coming up as £64.99 for me can anyone help

Offer ended.. back now to full price, sorry
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