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Beat Saber (PS5 /Psvr2) Free upgrade if you already own the PS4 version @ Playstation Store

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Beat Saber has launched for Ps5 /Psvr2 and it's a free upgrade (along with all your previously bought music packs /tracks) if you own the Psvr1 version.
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  1. andybtsn's avatar
    Stupid question, but if I have never owned Beat Saber. I buy the PS4 version now and are able to play it on the PS5 VR2? I've been waiting for ages for it to come out.
    pippyj's avatar
    Yes, you can buy the PS4 version then redeem the free PS5 upgrade.
  2. kenzo's avatar
    Already own this on quest 2..part of my 150 strong games and app’s library..what ps5? Over priced,no games? I’m sure u will all be fine..there’s a update or something isn’t there?
    neilydee's avatar
    I've got both. Does that mean I'm cooler than you?
  3. Yenyoc's avatar
    Fyi if it feels weird it's because the angle of the Saber is slightly off - they're aiming to release a hotfix early next week.
  4. DeadpanDan's avatar
    No. If you bought the DLC in the past, that will transfer over - but if you didn't - you won't get them for free
  5. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Now just do this offer with every other PSVR game I’ve bought and I will then upgrade
  6. neilydee's avatar
    That's nice of them.
  7. SuperJetSetWilly's avatar
    I've not upgraded any ps4 games to ps5. Is it really worth doing?
    Ian_D123's avatar
    when its free then yes
  8. matt.whats's avatar
    That's cool an' all but, what about discounting a 5 year old game that seems like it's never been on sale.
    WhoThrowsAShoe's avatar
    I can’t wait for you to see Nintendo games..(lol)
  9. GeordieRob's avatar
    I still can't believe Beat Sabre beat Guitar Hero on the last Video Game Hall of Fame podcast. 🎸
    filjimson's avatar
    All kinds of wrong! 🤟🏻
  10. alexjameshaines's avatar
    I claimed this last night. Now I can save some cash for psvr2
  11. Calaisjar's avatar
    I have a PS4 and PS5 both linked to the same account.
    I bought Beat Saver for digital before but when I try to upgrade there is no select version option in the dots and it shows for PS4 only.

    Any smart ideas how to fix?
  12. nonprofit's avatar
    It's worth them doing it for free considering all paid dlc which no doubt most players would purchase.
    Gohan_dbz's avatar
    One of the reasons why I haven't bought this. Song selection which comes on it isn't my cup of tea and the cost to buy one song is too much imo
  13. StevieW0nder's avatar
    Going to support this by buying a couple of dlc packs
    ZiggySTW's avatar
    Yes, Facebook really needs the money (for the record, I’m super happy it was finally ported)
  14. scorpionsean's avatar
    If I didn't spend a boat load of money previously on the music packs when I bought it on PS4... Will the upgrade give me the song packs for free too?
  15. aaroncroft's avatar
    Verry happy only game I really want to play on the psvr
  16. Mark_McIntyre's avatar
    Just a heads up to anyone like me that bought the Imagine Dragons dlc before they added ‘Bones’ and ‘Enemy’ on the ps4… You have to download the individual tracks for free, then pay for the two extra songs if you want them. You can’t download the whole pack without paying full price even if you bought the whole pack before without Bones and Enemy. Took me ages to work that out
    MrPisch's avatar
    Enemy is the only reason to buy that pack
  17. buliztik's avatar
    Worra PSVR 2 showcase
  18. christasker's avatar
    Do you need playstation plus or not?
  19. MrPisch's avatar
    OP you legend, I bought a PS5 just to play beat saber and bitterly disappointed when it wasnt released on VR2 launch date ...

  20. MrPisch's avatar
    Do you have to buy the queen pack ingame? It shows up on the phone app but not in the online store ... (edited)
  21. jg213's avatar
    How much is beat saber on PS4? Is that the best / cheapest way to get the ps5 version?
  22. LeeWhitfield's avatar
    The ps4 version never gets reduced. Standard £24.99 all year.
  23. saucymonk's avatar
    I really want to play this but the music available for this is very poor.
    MagnetAndSteel's avatar
    Depends on your music tastes. Perfect for my family. Kids love Green Day, F.O.B and Imagine Dragons. Wife loves Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish and The Weekend. The mixtapes are pretty good and Queen is another hit in my house
  24. Laughingravy43's avatar
    It won't let me download just keeps saying error, any ideas? Thnx in advance, tried console, app & browser, no joy, i own PS4 version,
    Laughingravy43's avatar
    offers me free version, sometimes, add to library etc but never gets to download stage-cant get past add to library-any tips please...tried console-phone -pc etc
  25. DanRea's avatar
    So nice they’re not charging us to increase the FPS cap and change the resolution setting for us.
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