Beatles 1962-66 (Red) and 1967-70 (Blue) Remastered CDs £8.93 @ WHS

Beatles 1962-66 (Red) and 1967-70 (Blue) Remastered CDs £8.93 @ WHS

Found 13th Oct 2010
Almost too cheap to be true, but link works fine. Now if I could only find the remastered studio albums as cheaply.


Same price at Amazon,Asda,The Hut and Lovefilm.

They've been around that price since the beginning of last month at some retailers

They are generally around this price when they are first released.
I have a theory that they have waited a year to release these 'Re-masters' as they did'nt want people to go out and just buy these, (Why go out and buy all the albums when I can buy the best of?!).

Also it has come at a good time for chrimbo presents ;-)

Being a massive Beatles fan I bought the Box set with all albums, so I don't think I will be buying the red and blue albums again. Although they are a good price and nice compilations if you are just getting into the Beatles or more of a casual fan.

not for me, but that Love album is brilliant.
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