Beats By Dr. Dre urBeats £26.39 @ handtec

Beats By Dr. Dre urBeats £26.39 @ handtec

Found 21st Jul 2013
Beats By Dr. Dre urbeats. Cheapest I've seen what do you guys think? Are these genuine? Is this site trustworthy?
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Genuine well established site.
Genuine, they're taken out of htc boxes and sold
Any gd?
Do they come in the Beats By Dr. Dre packaging. Has anyone had any problems with this website? Delivery wise?
Handtec is fully legit.
why is this cold?

why is this cold?

Anything with "beats" in the title doesn't bode well
They are monster beats.

I bought my girlfriend a set of monster earphones and they are really good quality.

chrisjess00 cold voters don't have good enough reason to give , it is more of a hunch to them. Strangely in some cases a large minority benefited from some very cold deals especially those people who were after that particular product .

why is this cold?

Most people on HUKD seem to hate Beats
OP has neglected to put minimum P&P charges onto the listed price (cheapest seems to be £3)


Any gd?

I hated the pair I had & gave them away after one use. Gave me earache that took a week to go away.
Good for the money. Not as good as the ibeats at bout £90 but a decent pair of earphones for the price if you like a heavy bass. Also hardly leak any sound. £30 is prob about the right price tbh (I got these a year ago and they are legit btw)
Some of the monster turbines are decent sounding and if you find a good pair on eBay from a legitimate seller, then it can be a good price.

Apple earpods will sound better than these for less however.
Apple earphones are not as good as the urBeats in my opinion. I much preferred the sound from urBeats and found them more comfortable to wear also. A matter of opinion though.
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