Beats pill £89 @ Asda

Beats pill £89 @ Asda

Found 9th Jan 2015
202 to 89

Beats pill found at asda Chapeltown sheffield



Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price and merchant to the title.
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Why cold? Cracking price! Lowest I can see is £125! Hot
Heat added.

why cold because they are an absolute load of rubbish, i have been testing them lately and in curry's they had a different branded one for £34 and £29.99 ten times better

But still a deal if this is cheaper than anywhere else & someone wants one!!!!!!
This site is getting to be a bit of a joke nowadays.

Very over rated. Cheaper ones available for less money

it'not the product is the saving were voting on guys

Voted Hot because I'm not a brand hater (what's the matter with this world, brand loyalty gone insane).
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