Beats Pill XL £182.74 @ The Hut

Beats Pill XL £182.74 @ The Hut

Found 31st May 2015
Crazy offer on beats pill, originally £169.99 reduced to 214.99 then you add the discount code AUDIO and it gives you £32.25 off of it, also gives you a free mains USB charger.


Hows your english?



Hows your english?

You should check your own lack of punctuation before criticising somebody else. How's not hows.



Hows your english?

And English is spelt with a capital E.

how's you Arithmetic 169.99 reduced to 214.99 Ha Ha

AWFUL (not voting)

Anyone in the market for an excellent all around bluetooth speaker should ignore this garb and pick up a Harmon Kardon Onyx. tremendous value at around 100 in most outlets

Original Poster

I meant 269.99 nothing wrong with my arithmetic it's the fact I missed the number 2 don't cry about it.

Never ceases to amaze me......the small, petty minded obnoxious twerts that frequently ridicule posters
on here...these smug, overbearing, self satisfied, mistake free wind up merchants... who contribute waff all to anything...ever
either by word or deal posting

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The keyboard warriors are out I see. It's a quality piece of kit for a good price. Heat.


Crazy offer

....for crazy people

There's a lot of hype round Beats. The question for me is, are they any good? Especially for the premium price they charge. The better question would be. Are they value for money?

I'm Beat, this Pill is to large and bitter to swallow.

These were on Watchdog last night. People who bought them through Apple have been advised to return them as Apple have recalled them all worldwide due to a safety issue with over heating and that they are a fire risk, apparently.

could use then as heaters in cold weather

why are shops still selling them they should be fined for selling dangerous stock that as been told to send back the goods
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