Beats Tour in-ear headphones now available in the UK - £119.95 @ Apple

Beats Tour in-ear headphones now available in the UK - £119.95 @ Apple

Found 17th Mar 2009
These have only previously been available in the US before now and it might not exactly be 'a deal', but as far as I know the only other way to get them would have been importing them before now.

Hear what the artist hears and listen to your music the way they intended. The Beats Tour in-ear headphones reveal the full sound of todays digital music, including sonically demanding hip hop, rock and R&B.

Tangle-free cable design
Precision response from low mass, wide bandwidth driver
Sound-isolating eartips in multiple sizes for a perfect fit
Duraflex protective cable jacket for maximum durability



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Love to get … Love to get these[IMG],0.5,0,0&iccEmbed=0&layer=comp[/IMG]


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*mini rant about headphones* yet more headphones that are advertised without providing the frequency range. Mr Manufacturer...its all very well saying they sound great but some figures to back these claims up help" *mini rant about headphones*

You'd be better off getting Shure Se310 at that price range.

Monster are known for their overpriced stuff.
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