Beautiful Midsleeper for £21.99 @ Wayfair

Beautiful Midsleeper for £21.99 @ Wayfair

Found 13th Sep 2015
Just seen this deal on Money Saving Expert (Thanks Claire21)

Seems almost too good to be true! Midsleeper bed with tunnel and tent. In white beech wood. Looks gorgeous.
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Considering the other 2 colours sells for £244 I think it's safe to say it should have been priced at £219.
I doubt they'll honour it but good luck anyway.
Ordered. Fingers crossed. X
Yup! Fingers crossed!
wow, thats amazing, im afters bunks but what a great deal, it does state 92% off so good luck to those who order, i hope you get them
Wow wait till they get back to work on Monday.......somebody is going to get butt kicked!
Ordered, thanks op.

Daughter will love it (if it's honoured!)
Does the mattress come with it?

Does the mattress come with it?

I'd hope so for £22!
over £51 delivery to northern Ireland!

I'd hope so for £22!

Hahaha i think im asking a bit to much
Had my £5 worth of rewards to use up too! Winner!
I will have my team of misprice lawyers on standby if they cancel though!
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no chance it will be honoured. just read their terms, shame as my daughter would love it
It does say £244 with 91% off so could be right? Ordered one so we will see
Obvious misprice i think they meant £211 like the other colours.

Heat added and i hope at least one of you get it
Wow! hope they honour this, ive got a feeling I will be getting a 'sorry' email in the morning though :-(
Looks like the site has fallen over
Can't get on to the site.

Another site crashed by HUKDs
Think the site has crashed!
nothing ventured nothing gained lol
website crashed when trying to pay
Went to add in basket and web page error come up
Wish this was boys
Great find... hope it is honoured, would make a lovely Christmas gift. Heat added
Site has crashed now when trying to enter payment details!
Their site has imploded
its now showing me price of £211-48
It is still allowing you to order. Have just placed order. Fingers crossed.
got one ordered, fingers crossed, heat added.

Went to add in basket and web page error come up

same just happened to me after the price changed to £211-48

just been on the phone to them at 2130 on a sunday night? telling them … just been on the phone to them at 2130 on a sunday night? telling them that a misprice has brought their website down because of the sheer amount of tightwads wanting to buy a bed for 20quid (despite them not needing one). nice moves.

Sure people who placed the order must have needed the beds or mayb some exception of people wanting to sell them but im sure some children would be pleased with this item if honoured , did your payment not go trough or you wanted a voucher of them
Just managed to order one. Really hope they honour it as I've been looking for a bed for my little girl and she will absolutely love this. Fingers crossed!!
Managed to order one. Fingers crossed they honor the order.
Managed to force an order through, but can't get back on and check to make sure its not for a doll's house!
I've ordered 2 hopefully they come.
Maybe the person from EE who inputted the price for a Samsung S6 at £29.99 for the phone and £14.99 a month for 24 months has moved jobs and now works at Wayfair. I for one would love this for my granddaughter but I doubt they are going to honour this so won't bother. Extra special thanks to EE for NOT even bothering to send me a cancellation email.
Just ordered x2... happy days!
ordered dont need it lol

ordered dont need it lol

That's the spirit.
Managed to order, fingers crossed.
Needed a new bed for my son and at this price thought I'd order but just leave off the purple bits
Persevered to order ... Fingers crossed! :-)
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