Beauty and the Beast (DVD + Blu-ray, with DVD Packaging)  £11.51 @ Amazon

Beauty and the Beast (DVD + Blu-ray, with DVD Packaging) £11.51 @ Amazon

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Beauty and the Beast (DVD + Blu-ray, with DVD Packaging)
Normally £15.91 now reduced to £11.51!!!!!!


Tale as old as time


Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Nice price OP


Song as old as rhyme ;)Nice price OP

Beauty and the Beast.........................

"Mama, do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?"

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loved this movie as a child! still love it! bought 2! one for my 3 year old and one for my little sister!

This is confusing. Is the extra disc bluray?
If it is, what makes this different to the Bluray version, besides the packaging?

Edit: I see from the first few reviews that the extras are bluray. In that case, WHY ON EARTH release the same product with two different packages? Bloody confusing!
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Very confusing. The extras are bluray. Its cheaper than the bluray packaging which is £15.91 it's a shame they make the original dvd version neaer to the same price, so it makes sense to buy both bluray and dvd

As far as I'm aware its the same 3 discs, 2 blu-rays and 1 DVD. The only difference is the packaging.

some people will be buying this to fit in with their dvd collections, hence dvd packaging.

Also same price at hmv for both blu ray and dvd packaging.

*Edit - hmv seem to have run out of the blu ray packaging now.
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Be wary I had to return two replacements as their blue ray disc for this didn't work in the blue ray player we have. Also happened on their toy story 3 combo disc. Other Disney combo sets I have were fine. Maybe it was a region problem but Amazon didn't resolve and waiting for reimbursement

You've just made my girlfriend very happy this Christmas, thank you very much! (Been waiting for a sub £15 price)


Although a few pence more, given the current delivery difficulties Amazon and other online suppliers are having, you could also consider popping into your local HMV. They are currently including this edition in their 2 for £25 deal on Blu Rays. I bought two copies; one as a pressie and one for me to cement my status as an old softie and all round big kid. At £12.50 per blu ray / dvd combo, I thought this was a good deal although I accept that it's only any good if you are going to buy two films.

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