BEBOOK MINI 5" EREADER - £159 @ Foyles

BEBOOK MINI 5" EREADER - £159 @ Foyles

Found 15th Jan 2010
It's small, sexy and fast : the BeBook 'Mini' eReader! With it's 5 inch Vizplex Eink screen it's slightly smaller than the original BeBook One but with the same capabilities. Even an extra thumbwheel for fast page turns has been added.

Another new feature is the possibility to have your books or text read to you through the Text to Speech option*.

With it's actual readable area just slightly smaller, the case size has been reduced significantly. The BeBook 'Mini' eReader will easily fit in the pocket of your jacket or handbag. Never a dull moment while travelling!

Never go out of style with you BeBook Mini a full line of fashionable accessories is available.

Like it's big brother it fully supports reflowable ePub and PDF files with Adobe DRM. (along with over other 20 supported file formats.)


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I have been looking at these for a age though about the sony one but with a memory card slot and loads more file types and custom firmware available on the net this seems to be the best one out there and £20 pounds cheaper then anywhere else and free delivery Woop Woop :-)

If you have an iphone or touch you gan get 1 app of loads of book for a pound or 2 or it might even be free.
Also there is "100 great books for the Nintendo DS". I think it's a bit of a weird way to read but the children seem to like it. There is probably a special button to press so it looks like they are reading when they are playing games....

Finally whats the voice like that reads the books. I listen to audio book and it makes a huge difference what the readers voice sounds like.

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Yes but not a Eink screen so will become quite uncomfortable after reading for long periods you really have to see the screens on a dedicated ereader to believe it

Sony reader is £129 at Smiths.


5" screen and eInk...

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Sony reader is £129 at … Sony reader is £129 at Smiths.]" screen and eInk...

No memory card slot and less formats then the bebook
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