Becker Traffic Assist 7934 Sat Nav - Full Europe @ £84.97 In Store

Becker Traffic Assist 7934 Sat Nav - Full Europe @ £84.97 In Store

Found 3rd Jan 2008
Great Unit, Full 37 Countries Mapping, Complete updated 1.3 version with 2GB SD Card & 37 Country Maps.

Advertised In Store @ £99.99 (Half Price), Scanning at the checkout at £84.97 (Insore not online) (NOTE THE LINK TAKES YOU TO THE ONLINE DEAL @ £89.97 - Its £84.97 INSTORE)

Box Contains Sat Nav / Screen Mount / USB Lead / Instructions / DVD With Software / 2GB SD Card with maps preloaded

Also works as MP3/WMA Player

Purchased one a few months ago with the 1gb pack and is a great unit at much more money, so £84.97 for a FULL EURO Sat Nav System is Peanuts.

2GD SD Card is loaded with 1.0 2006 Software and Maps, DVD in the box is the later 2007 1.3 Software and maps

also remember there is a 28 day satisfaction guarantee at Tesco, so if you buy the unit and find you dont like it you can take it back even tho it has been used for a full refund.

Same Unit is £144 at PIXMANIA

Here is a YOUTUBE Link That shows you a backdoor into the operating system to load other software if you wish!)…4RI
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Saw this earlier today in store, but thought I'd better check it out first. Doesn't fair well, pity.…tml
Thats A Completely different product at a different pricepoint £350! in the review... Not £85 The review you linked to is the more expensive Highspeed II
good overall score on German site ]here

I would say not bad at all. I have navteq maps from 2004 and still going strong and drive in Europe as well. This will have definitely newer maps and you can update software on Becker site.
JUst as an update

This is one of the few units I have seen with FULL Maps of most of the Eastern European States, not a lot of use to most drivers but a real bonus to some who travel further

List Of Countries on the Unit

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Croatia, Czech rep, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstien, Lithuania, Luxumborg, Macedonia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Seria-Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, SPain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & Vatican City

Thats A Completely different product at a different pricepoint £350! in … Thats A Completely different product at a different pricepoint £350! in the review... Not £85 The review you linked to is the more expensive Highspeed II

So what.
It's the same basic unit and the criticisms highlighted in the review and more in depth in the actual mag will still stand - unless you think a cheaper version is likely to work better. Price has got nothing to do with it, its only £85 because it's been reduced many times, probably for a good reason.
How much is Mio Map?

And with 5 mins work you can remove the becker software and install the … And with 5 mins work you can remove the becker software and install the much better MIO MAP that is a BARGAIN for £85

how do u do this? :thumbsup:
anyone know how to load MIO MAP onto this?

anyone know how to load MIO MAP onto this?

There's a link in the OP to a ]youtube clip showing a backdoor into the operating system to load other software - not sure if it's any use but there seem to be others there too.

I know absolutely zero about sat navs so I wonder if anyone could tell me if this is worth buying or should I pay a bit more to get a better make? I'm on a very limited budget so this seemed ideal but I obviously don't want to spend £85 if it's not going to be fit for it's purpose.

Can anyone advise? Please? :oops: ... or point me in the right direction to get the right advice?

Hi I Subscribe To Which And The One You Are Talking About Is A Different One Than The Tesco Offered One. The One You Are Talking About Has A Bad Review But Is Not In The Dont Buy Catorgary The Tesco One Is Not Reviewed
Got one of these although in store it was £89.99 not £84.99?

The unit seams excellet value at the price with a 2 year warranty and all European maps.
Its very well made and looks the part, it will even play MP3 and Photos !

I have used Tom Tom and Navigon software previosly on a PDA but thought at this price it was worth a dedicated unit.

The Navigation software seems adequate but need to find a way of installing Speed camera data base?

As anyone done this?
Voted hot. Bought one online and collect at store.

Very good for the money - far better than all the other £99 jobs around at the moment.

I've installed the speed camera database @…php - site is in german but you can translate it.


What version of the navigation software have people got ?

My card (2gig) came with version 1 and the DVD has 1.2. I note that flashyfish said his DVD was version 1.3.

I have been to Beckers site but I cant find any updates of maps although there is a new version of the firmware (not sure about installing this as it may reduce ability to install alternatives?). Navteq site now lists latest maps as Version 2 but again there is no mention of free updates?

Has anyone found if we can upgrade these maps for free?

I dont think there are free updates. In the information section does you say software Version: B.1.0? The site will let you download v1.3 and the DVD has 1.2 - if you update them if it meant to show here?

Yes I have downloaded the firmware upgrade but dont want to install it if it blocks the ability to load alternate software.

What I would like is some uptodate maps for this unit? I would have thought that these should be updated to the current version for free when we have just bought the unit.
I bought one of these units yesterday and have been having a mini play today. I have been used to TomTom on my mobile phone and so far have been a bit frustrated.

1. I updated the software from the DVD. However, from the info on the Settings option the version remained at B.1.0. I rang the Becker support line (0121 522 55 58) and was told that this is the map version not the software version. There is no way of knowing from the normal system whether the software has been updated or not - you just trust the update has worked. I have checked in the system files and they are dated today but a casual user would not be able to tell this.

2. I was told by the support person that you only get the maps shipped with the unit. There is a new set of maps (version 2). We can't have these.

3. If I put in a postcode the system gives me a GPS position rather than a street name. Also if I put in a postcode I can't put in a house number. On the TomTom once you have put in a postcode you (normally) can put in a house number and it will take you to the door. Inputting of postcodes is cumbersome. Get the letters menu up and put in the first 2 letters then go to the numbers menu and put in the next bit then go to the letters menu and put in the space (surely doesn't need the space! But it does) then go the numbers menu and put in the number from the second part of the postcode and finally go the the letters menu and put in the last bit.

4. I put my own address in using Town, then street then number of my house. I live in a T shaped cul-de-sac and it has my location in the wrong side of the T (so it would take me right instead of left when I go in). The TomTom is spot on (even with 4 year old maps).

5. There is no way to plan a trip ahead of time and see the route the unit will take. It will show you the start and the end point on the map - but no route (either graphical or in text form). The TomTom will do this. This unit just tells you the length of the journey in miles and time.

6. In the points of interest for my town (and I suspect others) there seemed to be only a few commercial ones. I could not find a hospital for example. TomTom has this and is something I have used in the past when my father was taken into a hospital I had never been to before.

This is without me having taken it out on the road yet! I suspect that this unit is good for people who travel in Europe (especially Eastern Europe when I think this is a real bargain) but for UK use I think it is worth spending a bit more and getting a TomTom.

However, I haven't tried putting the MioMap software on it yet - as mentioned that could be a lot better. I think I should be able to return it on the basis that it doesn't know where my house it.
Thanks very much for the information and please keep us updated. I've bought one of these because I couldn't resist a bargain but I haven't even opened the box because I wanted to be able to take it back if it was found to be rubbish. I know absolutely nothing about sat navs so I have to rely on other people who do know what they're talking about! :-D

Oooooo, I've just realised that you're probably the same person who's answered my thread on another forum about this! :-D
and found its great. Well built and clear audio. You can even load other software by looking for its backdoor. But the Becker SW does me, the only thing I would say is you have to be careful with the travel options as I have been routed though a nightmare complex one way system at rush hour when the 'longer' route was just straightforward up an A-Road! I was in a large wheel base van and nearly had a collision!

But most of the time its ok - you have to use your judgement by getting a map out and making sure it picks the most straighforward way, I lets you choose the Routing type - scenic/short/fast/optimum I am not sure which one of these would suit, you can ask it to aviod motorways etc.. so you have to do a sit down before the journey to avoid the above.
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