Becks Vier 12x440 cans for £6.79 @tesco

Becks Vier 12x440 cans for £6.79 @tesco

Found 3rd Nov 2012
In tesco tonight and got a 12 pack of becks vier for £6.79.........which is strange as it's also part of their 3for£21 deal.
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Best of the 4%ers IMHO
Very strange deal of its part if three for £21 haha

The 20 fosters for £12 in asda is grabbing my attention
Not sure I need any beer at the moment, seem to have a house full of wine. ;-)
Just wonder if there is any further money off saving if you were to buy three making them even cheaper?

Has anyone tried?
load or reductions in tesco on beers/ciders this wk and last, but there again so do other supermarkets, i work for tesco but also shop in others, 12 brothers is best deal, 6:75 and its 7% of coarse plus my 10% brings it down a big more,lol
Yes but ctwilky , this deal works out cheaper than the asda deal and becks vier is a whole lot better than fosters
4% is not strong enough for me ,
Was £8.00 per pack in our local on Saturday and then the 3 for £21.00 offer.
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