Become a BzzAgent - Product Tester

Become a BzzAgent - Product Tester

Found 28th May 2008
Sign up with Bzzagent & test products. You get to keep the product you test you just need to write a report on the product.

The more you report & take part the higher agent rank you get, which means you get choice of products before everyone else!


Nice 1

Where is the link or the web address to go to, to sign up


my sister recommended this to me, within the first week of signing up i received an intuition ladies razor and 5 x £1 off coupons to give out to friends. I did not use them all in my weekly Tesco shop of course:whistling: To date my sister has received nothing:-D

Not from the U.S. or Canada? BzzAgent Campaigns are currently only available to residents of the United States and Canada. If you are interested in being notified when campaigns are available in your country of residence, please let us know. for us, other link is for USA and Canada

Thank you,will sign up on U.K site.

ooops sorry, I have removed the .com link

i signed up for this about a year ago, apart from a few online surveys i've not had a bean


I've signed up and will see what happens.

signed up, lets see what they have on offer

Just signed up, and got invited to the Philips Steam Generator Campaign. Thanks - Heat & Rep added!
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