Become a JML Product Tester

Become a JML Product Tester

Found 30th May 2010
We need you!

To keep bringing you the best and most helpful innovations, were looking for JML customers to tell us what they think of our new products before they even hit the shelves.
We greatly value feedback from our customers and would appreciate the chance to hear your opinions.
So, if you think youve got what it takes to become a JML Product Tester and would like to put a product through its paces, join the JML Product Testing Team today!

Youll receive FREE product samples that will be sent to a selection of names from our Product Testing Team list. You may also be invited to attend a focus group meeting to discuss your feedback in more detail.

Click on the link below to register your interest:
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:whistling: Cheers have registered.
do you get paid? do you get to keep the products you have been asked to test? does anyone know?
thanks i hope i get some freebies LOL
Thanks, hope they get back to me.
Thanks will give that a go :thumbsup:
Thanks alot pinkmelon, fingers crossed for this one, looks good
done this one months ago,never heard back from them
more spam sign ups?
I did this last year and I havent recieved anything to test, they do send me the monthly catalogue booklet but the prices are phenomenal, I just go to poundland or 99p shop to get virtually the same products, ie- colour changing egg-timer which is £1 in poundland and £4.99 in JML !
thanks matey!lets hope they send some products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:-D Thank you pinkmelonsmr2 for posting this.

Have registered my details and hopefully, be accepted.
Thanks! this should be interesting :thumbsup:
worth a try thanks
You've gotta love the JML TV Adverts. Voted Hot!
Cheers- Registered. Here's hoping for some nice freebies.
Have some heat:thumbsup:
You had to put things you had bought from JML already and my mind went a total blank, lol, so be ready for that question.

Also, they wanted a contact number which I don't like to give out willynilly so I just put 0 which it accepted.

Seems like a good idea from JML to get loads of peoples contact details for later advertising..
people sign up to anything these days, Then wonder why they get so much junk mail. And how the junk mail companies got their address
thanks h&r
I signed up for this over a year ago and not had one single item to test! Just think it's their way of getting your details.

done this one months ago,never heard back from them

waste of time

welshy x
I've looked through all the comments and not a single person has come and said they have recieved a product.... SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM.

Voted Cold as a fool and his junk email folder are easily filled.
Registered. Voted hot!
how do i register?
dont bother its a con
Cheers. Thanks a bunch...See you at the florida hotels:new york hotels

Edited by: "JordanRHughes" 17th Aug 2010
what an excellent way of harvesting e-mails.

Yeah not a fan of this unfortunately...
thanks will give it'ago
Sweet! Thanks a million..

this is still taking registrations - did anyone actually get anything? can it be un-expired as it's still open?
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