Become a maru swim tester and get FREE swim wear
Become a maru swim tester and get FREE swim wear

Become a maru swim tester and get FREE swim wear

Maru Swimtesters. Try out our products and help us to make them better.
What is a Swimtester?
At Maru we firmly believe our products should never stop evolving. We strive to deliver you, the swimmer the very best in swimming technology. However in order for us to achieve this we need your help.
We are currently looking for enthusiastic swimmers to 'road test' our products and give us honest feedback. We want to use your feedback to improve all aspects of the swimwear and equipment we offer and ensure that our products are truly designed by swimmers for swimmers.

What's in it for you?
Upon being chosen you will be sent a Swimtesters product pack, which will be yours to keep in exchange for honest opinions. Oh, and you will be the envy of all your friend's as you will feature on the Maru website.


Thanks, signed up for my son

signed up thanks x

great, signed up.

Its my son thats the swimmer but they do not do his sze, he is a skinny wee thing

Great thanx Mel good post buddy!!:friends::friends:

Great - I swim quite alot so this would be good

Many thanks, pinkmelon, heat applied

Thanks also.
Signed up for my son.

Thanks, signed up in the vain hope they may want a fat, or is that bulimic bloke!!!!
Maybe I could join two together - ?

just registered, see what happens..

Signed Up

signed up, they are experiencing high volumes of people requesting to be testers, nothing ventured nothing gained.see what occurs.

Signed up my daughter. She swims nearly everyday, so lots of opportunity to test their products I hope!!!

Heat and Rep added!:-D

Thanks have signed up
Heat added

Another one copied word for word from MSE - I posted this on MSE weeks back!!!!

signed up daughter and me - live inhope thanks

appears to be expired

Cant find the sign up page

damn! i cant sign up!


Thanks heat added:)

It might be a web site problem, loads of links on the main page don't work.
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