Beconase hayfever nasal spray £3 at Asda online and instore

Beconase hayfever nasal spray £3 at Asda online and instore

Found 24th Apr
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Read that as Baconase...... Hmmm bacon!!
Best hayfever relief there is.

I've suffered with hayfever and general sinus problems for as long as I can remember, it's especially bad in the summer. Beconase takes a few days to start working unlike tablets and I think this puts people off. But once it kicks in, one squirt a day in each nostril and I am not only hayfever free but my nose is almost perfectly clear at all times. After a week or so of use, I stop taking it daily and only spray when I begin to feel the stuffy nose creeping back... Keeps me feeling fresh all year round!

Yes, tablets work quicker. But they also stop working pretty quickly and only feel like a temporary solution - not to mention the potential side-effects which in my case can even effect my mood. This is much more of a long-term solution, I get no side-effects whatsoever and feel great.

An absolute steal at this price!

Voted hot by me!
I was actually surprised how quick this stuff works and actually seems to be much more effective over tablets. Furthermore as above, you may not need to take it everyday!
Best Hayfever remedy out there, good deal.
This is usually 2 for £6 somewhere, for example Boots and Tesco at the moment.
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You folks are so silly at times
+1 Need some of this today when I woke up!
Not quite as good as this deal but tesco are doing 2 for £6 until 19/6. I have a delivery already booked otherwise I'd have bought just the one from Asda. Have some heat!
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