Bed Head Mac Daddy Manipulator £11.94 Delivered

Bed Head Mac Daddy Manipulator £11.94 Delivered

Found 28th Oct 2008
A small tub of this 57ml cost about £10 from hairdressers so getting over 3 times amount for just a pound more.

"Tigi Bedhead Manipulator is a coconut smelling funky gunk that is specifically designed to condition hair whilst giving texture and thickness to any style. It is pliable, long lasting and perfect for any hair type."


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also 4% on rpoints if anyone uses that

good deal, thanks:thumbsup:

Good deal, ordered 2. Thanks

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no problem dont use the stuff myself but told by my bro its good and expensive

i am looking for a good non greasy wax . is this stuff non greasy? i have heard rave reviews of alterna's hemp seed clay. is it better than alterna hemp seed modeling clay
please give me advice.

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I honestly couldn't tell you because I have never tried the hemp seed clay but this is quite gunky so i owuld say it may be greasy
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