Bed Head Tigi 'Self Absorbed' shampoo 400mls £1.00 @ B&M

Bed Head Tigi 'Self Absorbed' shampoo 400mls £1.00 @ B&M

Found 8th Jan 2014
Got this in B&M in Belfast
It wasn't priced on the shelf so had to bring it up to the check out and it scanned as a quid, happy days!
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wow graet price hot
wow that's really good for bedhead!
Did they have any conditioner?
Where the heck (or what the heck) is B&M? I love Bed Head .....
I pay way more than a quid for Tigi. Will be checking out B&M in the morning.
B&M is another version of Home Bargains, The Range etc. We don't have a Home Bargains here in Lincoln
Would it do anything for this mad hair?!
wow great find.. will check out my local b&m in the morn.. heat added!!
No conditioner I'm afraid !
I got the 'dumb blonde' shampoo last week as well for £3 also a wee bargain

Did they have any conditioner?

Nopers! Not in my store anyway
Great deal, thanks for posting
None in Bootle B&M, however they do have the conditioner (At £7.99)
Great find thanks - will check out my local store
When I read the title I was wondering if the 'Self Absorbed' referred to the way it work/was applied. Now after looking at their website I understand it applys to the people that buy this product. What has the world come to?
Loads of shampoo and conditioner in my store, but it ranged between £6 and £8. Nothing for a quid sadly.
Lucky find OP. None at Edinburgh Meadowbank.
None in Northampton, but few 750ml conditioners were available for £9.99.
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