Bedding - Clearance double duvet cover £4.99 @ Co-op

Bedding - Clearance double duvet cover £4.99 @ Co-op

Found 14th Mar 2009
On the way home from the match, I went into my local co-op and came accross an offer on bedding, a double duvet cover with two pillow cases for £4.99. It showed it originally at £19.56, then £9.78 and now £4.99 it was a clearance deal. Possibly a store specific offer? they also had a double duvet at the same price, though had none of that left.
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I do have pics if required? just don't know how to upload them
I love the thought process: Well that was a good game, I must buy some bedding!! :thumbsup: Some decent prices, which branch was it, as I'm guessing this could be branch specific.
Hi, It was Baildon, Bradford Branch. I was actually going to get a sandwich. The game was Birmingham City away at Doncaster. (supporting Birmingham)
Hi alcopop
Good post, thanks. So, you were in Baildon via Birmingham and Doncaster, That's some serious travelling today.
It's good practice to add whether it was instore/online and which shop in the title.
Might be a good idea to add "instore @ Co-Op" to the title to hlp those browsing through.
Regards Andy
Hi andywedge

Will try to remember that in future, I think the excitement of posting went to my head, that and the new cheap bedding, and I forgot!!
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