Beddy Bear Microwavable Bed Warmer just £5 delivered @ + Quidco!

Beddy Bear Microwavable Bed Warmer just £5 delivered @ + Quidco!

Found 17th Nov 2008Made hot 17th Nov 2008
Won't be this price long.........has been £8.99 for a long time now...great deal for a fiver!
Beddy-Bear(TM) is safer than a hot water bottle because it completely removes the risk of scalding. This wonderfully versatile product can be reheated thousands of times and with proper care will last for years. Can also be frozen and used as an ice pack for sprains, bruising, swelling etc! It also contains the calming aroma of lavender to promote ultimate relaxation.


Great deal - we have one of these, and it is great. Can be heated up for the full 2mins, or for just 45secs or so if you want it to be slightly warm... (but don't expect the lavender smell to last for more than a few uses). Also didn't know it could be used frozen....

Thanks ordered one for my little boy for xmas stocking filler !!


We bought 2 of these last year, they're brill - great price too! HOT.

Aaaawwww how cute

I voted hot and i think its a bargain. I would like to get one of these but this in the description puts me off
" Unfortunately we cannot specify which colour you will receive. These include:: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Blue, Purple and Pink "

Our 2 have had these for 2 years, and still use them now (the puppy version). Like already said the smell doesn't last long but they still warm up fine, and the kids love going to bed with them.

If you want to choose a specific colour you can get them here…tml but there's a delivery charge £3.95 per order - worth it if you wanted to buy a few bits maybe.

These are fab, we bought the purple one about 18mths ago and dd uses it regularly, and unlike other have said ours still smells quite strong.

Have been looking for another to get ds but not sure about ordering as dont want to risk a pink one turning up!

hello HUKD - First post for me

Does this have a horrible smell after the lavender wears off? had a bad experience with a micro-wave hot water bottle once the lavender had worn off :w00t:

Ordered 4, 3 for the kids and another xmas pressie, now I'm assuming its easy to send things back to play, I have never done this, because I deffo need 2 boy colours for my sons.

For those that are put off by the Lavender smell. Find an old tight knit sweater that you no longer want. Cut the sleeves off. Fold over one end and stitch it shut. Fill the sleeve with several pounds of white rice. Fold the other end over and stitch shut. Two minutes in the microwave and you have a moldable heat tube that conforms to your body parts. Ie, around the neck or the upper shoulders. We have two that were made up well over ten years ago and used hundreds of times. They still work like the day we made them.

Dunno about getting in bed with a radioactive bear

For anyone who buys this, I must say that its best to stick with the recommended time to microwave these bears because if you over microwave them they start 2 smell really bad. Its a great gift!

Cool teach kids it's ok to put animals in the micro.

Cold, bought for £3.99 last week


Cold, bought for £3.99 last week

Weren't the rabbits 3.99 or do you have another source for the beddy bears that you would like to share?????:santa:

Thats so cute and such a good ides thanks:stocking:

£5.99 now - and out of stock!

up to £5.99

At £ 5.99 with free delivery I still think this will be the cheapest around, and at this time of year I'm sure they'll have stock in before Christmas - edit title and unexpire?
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