Bedfordshire & Luton - Free Fire Safety Check and Fitted Smoke Alarms

Bedfordshire & Luton - Free Fire Safety Check and Fitted Smoke Alarms

LocalFound 10th Apr 2010
Not really a deal as such but I wanted to post this as it gives everybody (in Bedfordshire & Luton) the opportunity to have a decent set of fire alarms fitted for free.

I had our check done yesterday and the firemen pointed out some good safety tips and also replaced my single old smoke alarm with two shiny new Fire Angel ones. All for free.

They may well be similar schemes in your local area so it is worth having a look around.
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I live in Lancashire and they definitely do this in my area too.

Although out of the two alarms they fitted one went off continously and the other doesn't go at all when I press the test button :-(
All brigades offer this service its part of community safety
I'm just wondering if the rules have changed on this.

When I knew of the HFSC (Home Fire Safety Checks) initiative about 5 years ago when I worked on establishing such a programme, it was another 'low income, on benefits, minority groups, older persons only' type deal. :shock:

So before you think you're definitely going to be able to get 'owt for nowt' - check your local Fire Service T&Cs

If you are able to get the check done and the alarm(s) fitted - its WELL worth doing. They assess your property and give you top advice (e.g. I've never left a mobile phone charger plugged in all the time as I used to - they tend to overheat and bring the house down so to speak).

Heat added...ironically enough! :thumbsup:
or free 9v battery ?
i live in scunthorpe and they do it here too.
I got this done cuz i've just moved house and they gave me new extension leads too, plus i got a carbon dixoide thing for freeplus a few other things.
Pretty sure this is nationwide and open to everyone regardless of income. I had some alarms fitted a couple of months ago. The fire service get monitored on their figures for number of alrms installed etc so they'll usually jump at the chance to come and fit some.
Yes please, some nice hunky fireman to check my alarm? Nice!!!
ty, denbighshire provide this service as well
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