Bee Movie Game [Nintendo Wii] from Amazon - £19.97 (Inc Del.)

Bee Movie Game [Nintendo Wii] from Amazon - £19.97 (Inc Del.)

Found 10th Mar 2008
Amazon is selling "Bee Movie" for the Nintendo Wii for £19.97 (inc Del.).

Next best price is £25.00 from Zavvi.

Not necessarily the best of games but supposed to be good fun for younger players and fans of the film.


- All the Action from the Film and More - Play as Barry B. Benson with seamless graphics from film to game.
- Play in the Bee World and the Human World - Enjoy an endless stream of fast-paced fun and adventure.
- Race, Chase, Drive and Blast! - take on driving missions in a variety of cool bee vehicles.
- Are You FLY Enough? - master Barry's aerial flying and targeting skills.
- Bee Vision - Switch to bee vision to locate key safe zones and pollen.
- Stop Time with Barry's Bee Reflexes - stall time to a near stop as you help Barry out of some slippery situations.
- Multi-player action - Challenge a friend in multi-player mini-games.

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Excellent game - great price!
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