Beechams Digital Forehead Thermometer @ £7.99

Beechams Digital Forehead Thermometer @ £7.99

Found 24th Mar 2008
Was looking for Thermometer and came up with what looks like a couple of good deals.

Quick, accurate and easy to use
Suitable for the whole family
30 readings memory
Talking temperature facility
Infra-red reading
Real time clock and calendar display
The Beechams Digital Forehead Thermometer measures temperature with a gentle forehead scan, so a reading can be taken even from a sleeping child. It's fast and accurate because it measures the temperature of the arterial blood supply under the skin of the forehead.
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Good price, but just a word of caution (just from my personal experience only)
I bought this one from Lloyds Pharmacy a while back. I am sorry to say I found it very inaccurate to use. Temperature just was not accurate at all and varied wildly. I used it exactly as per instructions.
I meant to return it and never got round it. I don't think it was faulty as such, just very inaccurate.
I stick with a normal digital cheapie thermometer which is much better.
My forehead is analogue.

I agree with BEANZ ON TOAST,regarding the thermometer being very inaccurate. My 3 year old is using it as toy now. Useless.
Still trying to decide which type to buy, to much choice nowadays.:thinking:
I got a Thermofocus one which is much more accurate ]http//ww…tml
hey folks. they are actually integrating these into hospitals as they have been proven through evidence-based research and studeis to be the MOST ACCURATE for detecting temperature. Not this brand for sure, but this TYPE of thermometer. They used them in my local hospital theatre recovery area, where getting an accurate temperature can be vital between life and death. That's how good they are. Though reiterating, they don't use this brand, and don't know how good this individual one is.
got one for my newborn a year ago from lloyds and USELESS I ended buying a strip one that you put on forehead
Our doctor used one of these on our baby just 2 weeks ago, and it was a Beechams one. If they are so inaccurate what are GPs doing using them?!
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