Beeches chocolate creams - dairy free/vegan £1 at Boyes

Beeches chocolate creams - dairy free/vegan £1 at Boyes

Found 13th Sep 2016
Beeches chocolate creams at Boyes for £1 a box. Mint, Violet, Orange, Coffee, Lime and Strawberry and maybe others. All dairy free/vegan.
I couldn't find it online, but it was in Redcar Boyes and Darlington's
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Never heard of this store before where is it ? area wise please
I thought the company name rang a bell (beeches). They were on a tv program where the staff chose their new boss called believe it it not who's the boss?

They are a traditional confectionary company with a factory in the middle of Preston and if I remember rightly are a family business.

They're products look beautiful and to find vegan recipe sweet treats at a reasonable price is brilliant.
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