Beef Roasting Joints - £5 per kg @ Morrisons!

Beef Roasting Joints - £5 per kg @ Morrisons!

Found 26th Sep 2010Made hot 26th Sep 2010
Starting tomorrow, most beef roasting joints will be available at an amazing price of only £5 per kg from the butcher's counter in Morrisons. Included in this deal are:

Topside Joints (Topside steaks are also on offer, cant remember the price)
Silverside Joints
Top Rump Joints

This is an amazing deal of bout 40% off. Salmoncut Silverside is also on offer at slightly more than £5 per kg, think its about £5.49.

This deal starts tomorrow so get down to Morrisons and get some roasts! They are freezable so you can stock up!


Don't know if anyones still on this thread but I've been buying the top rump this week & cutting it for steaks. It's absolutely fantastic!
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