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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 black monthly contract deals £552.00 @ Beepy Mobiles
Found 19th May 2014Found 19th May 2014
I'm sure we are all familiar with the phone by now, so straight to the deal. 500 minutes to any network and unlimited texts 500MB internet data per month. Total cost of contract ov… Read more

yeah Redemption = Hassle over 24 mths


They are doing Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1gb data for £23.33 albeit via redemption. That's only 33p more a month.


people will shot this down now for being 500mb even though u have said for light users hot from me

blackberry-9300-curve £25per month, you pay 12.47/10.5 per month Unlimited Internet 300 mins -18 month @ Beepy Mobile
Found 10th Jan 2011Found 10th Jan 2011
Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G- on the T-Mobile £25 tariff 18 month contract £235.00 Redemption Cashback Your £235.00 line rental redemption cashback is available by redemption in 5 s… Read more

Beepy are dodgy to say the least i tend to stick with e2save, onestopphoneshop and phones4u


Beepy have not paid out the last 2 of my cashback payments. I am super **** about record keeping and sending exactly what is necessary at the right time. They are not responsing to emails/letters and do not answer the telephone. My advice: Avoid like the fcuking plague unless you think its a good deal to pay £25 per month and forget about getting the redemptions




You should mention in the title that the actual line rental paid is circa £25 per month otherwise you might find that people will vote it cold for being misleading.

nokia N8 £20 /£17.5 per month - 18months  contract 300mins unlimited internet  @Beepy Mobile Phones
Found 7th Jan 2011Found 7th Jan 2011
Nokia N8 on the T-Mobile £25 tariff 18 month contract £100 cashback possible £35.45 topcash back Handset free with contract! £25 tariff on the T-Mobile network. Unlimited Inte… Read more

Cheers taras... Just checked to see if the offer was still going as I'm hoping to get my PAC from vodapony on Monday and get this ordered. Just wondering if anyone's seen an alternative to beat it before I do. I hope they do a better job of fastback than dialaphone ever did!


morpheus:Ovi store is quite nice on the n8. tyke: Symbian is no betamax. ThunderBolt: you can use orange signal too :) comes up on the n8 as orange t-mobile.


I don't know why but a lot of people I know seem to have poo signals on Tmobile round here. Bloomin tempted to put it to test though now I've seen this post. Hot... Mad hot!


Great phone, ruined by the Betamax of operating systems (yes, I know it's a new version of Symbian, but it's still Symbian!). It's time to move on, Nokia.


Voted hot - hot deal for an excellent phone - thoroughly enjoying the phone which I got a few days ago. Just for information if anyone is considering this phone - I did a bit of looking and found the following which suited me (albeit it is on 24 months but I've had 24 months with my 5800 and N80 before and it doesn't bother me a jot). Dialaphone Tmobile 600 minutes, 500 texts + internet booster £25 per month (with £50 cashback via quidco & £75 automatic cashback from dialaphone paid 28 days after the 'cool off period)

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 HTC Desire £79.99 T-Mobile £15 tariff 24 month contract Beepy Mobile Phones
Found 27th Jul 2010Found 27th Jul 2010
Handset only £79.99. * £15 tariff on the T-Mobile network. * Unlimited Internet on your phone.Unlimited Internet booster * 300 mins * 300 … Read more

Sold me a phone, then after 3 days tell me they don't have stock! Not impressed Avoid this company


next day delivery, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh my sides


Free next day delivery? More like Sept/Oct delivery


I love my retina display! :3


Yes I can confirm they gives .... as I did get that ...

HTC wildfire T-mobile 300mins / 300 texts / unlimited net £7.71pm after cashback @ beepy
Found 15th Jul 2010Found 15th Jul 2010
Beepy are doing the htc wildfire on t-mobile £15 plan with 18 months half price by redemption. 300 mins / 300 texts / unlimited net You could possibly get 300 mins/ unlimited tex… Read more
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Beepy have a terrible reputation. Check on Ciao. I wouldnt take any notice of the deal. Sorry OP, just an opinion based on feedback of Beepy.


No stock & according to Beepy, no idea when they will have stock.


No stock


Is beepy reliable


Since this is T-Mobile, you should get a 3GB allowance each month. I haven't seen the phone running, but in terms of build quality it looks very nice, on par with the Desire. I had a G1 previously, and this is a higher spec so I would expect it to be fine.

HTC Desire (Brown) - T-mobile - £395.99 @ Beepy Mobile Phones +  Quidco.  No cashback claims required
Found 16th Jun 2010Found 16th Jun 2010
Not dissimilar to the recent dialaphone deal posted but with the added attraction of no cashback claims needed. If you need loads of minutes/texts, look elsewhere, but if you're a… Read more

Just had this email from Mobile phones direct. Dear Customer, The current status of your order is ‘Pending Stock.’ This is due to the HTC Desire currently being out of stock. If you have been checking our website, and clicking on the HTC Desire handset you will go through to another page which has an update as to the delivery status currently showing... LIMITED STOCK PLEASE ALLOW 14 DAYS FOR DELIVERY - SUPPLIED WITH FREE 4GB SANDISK We have been advising customers that stock is due in tomorrow Thursday 12th August - this is an anticipated date, as the stock is coming from abroad. Until that stock is received and booked into our warehouse, we cannot provide a definite delivery date. Mobile Phones Direct is an HTC Ultimate Partner and as such we will receive stock before other suppliers. We understand how frustrating this is, this handset is extremely popular and unfortunately demand is greater than production. Our best advise is to keep checking the website for the status of your order using the order tracker, you will have been advised how to do this when you placed your order. We will keep you informed as soon as we have any further information. Kind Regards, Webshop


On mobilephonesdirect some of the t-mobile tariffs don't mention mobile internet at all. Surely they must come with the 3gb allowance? There is an 18 month 300mins unltd txts for £25 per month with free phone but no mention of internet. Others will say includes unltd internet.


They do a 300 minute unlimited text & internet for £30 phone is free.


Anybody know if you can get the mobilephones direct, t-mobile 18m £25pm 300mins 300 txt + internet tariff and then downgrade at some point? I had wanted to keep the cost to £20p.m over 18months. Don't really want to be stuck for 24 months. I was interested in the beepy deal but it looks like it could be months if you get one if at all.


300 minutes 300 texts unlimited internet £119 for phone 24 months at £15 + £30 Quidco/ Topcashback I ordered last Monday it was showing 14 days wait now saying 5 days. I have read on some forums that people have been getting Desires delivered quickly through Mobile phones Direct

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HTC Desire on T-mobile via Beepy 15pm 24 months 93.99 phone price total £453.99 @ BeepyMobiles Possible £40 quidco
Found 9th Jun 2010Found 9th Jun 2010
Handset only £93.99. £15 tariff on the T-Mobile network. Unlimited Internet on your phone.Unlimited Internet booster 300 mins 300 txts £15.00 per month Free next day delivery!

And if you ring up and speak to T mobile they will give you 3gb free internet rather than 1gb, this well then allow you to change the booster to unlimited texts or whatever you want... so all in all you get 300 mins, ultd texts, ultd (3gb) internet. Not bad for the best internet package available on the market.


Has anyone received their Beepy orders yet? I've been waiting 8 weeks now!


Yep been waiting 6 weeks now


Are people still having problems and waiting ages for stock from the last beepy deal?


Apart from that, what have the Romans ever done for us? :)

HTC Desire on Orange Panther 30 - 400mins/Unlimited txt/Unlimited Internet 24 month contract @ Beepy Mobile Phones £30 month (£22.71 pm After Cashback)
Found 30th Apr 2010Found 30th Apr 2010
HTC Desire on Orange's Panther 30 (24 month contract) - 400 minutes / Unlimited Texts - Unlimited Internet (Fair Use - 750MB per month - no charges for exceeding by accident) - Fr… Read more
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Wow thanks for that didn't realise! I want a Desire and was considering Orange but sod that if this is true! I'll stick to Vodafone, now I just need a decent deal! Rep added for helpful comment, cheers!


Absolutely! :thumbsup:


I'm surprised this deal has gone so cold. It seemed a lot better to me than the other Orange contracts currently on offer due to it being Panther rather than Dolphin. I guess the other option people are going with is Vodafone. However, it's a couple of weeks till I get my PAC code from T-Mobile so I can't go for these. Anyone else in similar situation to me should find this to be one of the cheapest options around at the moment...


I agree with the above - will be checking the phone's performance when it arrives. If it is a problem, as you say, I will have to look into flashing with a generic ROM. I'll try and remember to post whether it's really as bad as is being claimed.


I would be careful about getting a desire from orange: It seems they preload a lot of crapware onto the phone's (quite limited) onboard memory and lock you out of google's own apps (maps, gtalk) to force you into using their versions. It might be possible to flash the phone, but this is still w*nkery of the highest order.

HTC DESIRE..£20 pm tmobile £36 for phone 18 month contract  @Beepy Mobile Phones
Found 29th Apr 2010Found 29th Apr 2010
guys...i just ordered a htc desire for £36 from beepy.the contract is 18 MONTHS £20 a month on tmobile.and £36 upfront for the phone.seems like a good out slightly cheap… Read more
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dont bother ordering from beepy there a joke!


absolute timewasters!


think this is the deal I will be going for...just emailed them to check if phone is in stock..I'll let you know the reply.


# Free next day delivery is provided with this item. # Handset's Availability: Back Order Expected Friday 7th May


Where does it say no stock ? It takes me up to payment page at checkout; haven't gone any further just incase.

HTC Desire Brown T-Mobile £25 (18 month) 300mins/300txt/Unlimited Internet + £25 Instant Cashback + £40 Quidco
Found 27th Apr 2010Found 27th Apr 2010
Currently out of stock, due in tomorrow though. Not many places have these in stock anymore! There are quite a few Beepy deals on HUKD at the moment for the desire, I have not see… Read more
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Updated on site now says •Handset's Availability: Back Order Expected Friday 30th April Now it says! •Handset's Availability: Back Order Expected Friday 7th May


When you add the deal to your basket it will change page, it says at the top that it is "back order, expected Wednesday 28th April" still saying that today ... I still think this is one of the best deals out there even on pre-order.


sorry but where does it says oos?


might be out of stock, but if you don't mind waiting - I think it's a great deal.


Not sure where you are looking but the deal quite clearly states "Unlimited Internet" as one of the flexible boosters Admittedly quidco is not 100% guaranteed, but I have never had one rejected with any merchant.

HTC Desire £15 per month Handset £94 @ Beepy Mobile (+  quidco!)
Found 26th Apr 2010Found 26th Apr 2010
I thought this was good - ok its 24 month but with quidco the handset works out at just over £50 and the monthly rate is ok for decent minutes texts and internet Handset only £93… Read more
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Placed order 14/06/10. Received 04/08/10. Not sure if it made a difference but I did ring up on an almost weekly basis chasing it.


Hi RedonRed Can you confirm for me when exactly you placed your order? I've still not received mine and wondering what's going on. Thanks.


Hi there, I haven't posted before but just wanted to explain my Beepy experience! I ordered on the 22 May and e-mailed and phoned a few times...The last time I e-mailed I was informed that my order had been "automatically cancelled" as it had been on their system for 60 days with no activty. I asked them if they had "automatically refunded" my 94 quid and surprise surprise they said no!! I reinstated the order after being assured that it would not go to back of the queue. In the meantime my 40 quidco has also been declined - presumably as they cancelled my order. So.. not best pleased but still want the phone!! Grrrrrr


I placed my order at about the same time as you and have been ringing them just about every other week and then last night, completely out of the blue, they rang me saying that they have stock and it looks like it's just been delivered today. I was on the verge of cancelling to be honest. You can't be far off getting one.


Anyone still waiting for Beepy to send out their order? I placed mine on the 3rd of June, I have phoned twice a week since, the latest I was told (on Thurs of last week) was another 6 - 8 weeks!!! WTF!

HTC Desire Brown Beepy T-Mobile 600mins/500txt/Unlimited Internet 18month contract £18.89pm
Found 21st Apr 2010Found 21st Apr 2010
This is my first proper deal post so be gentle! I've been looking for a good HTC desire deal as three wanted to shaft me on an upgrade and found this which looks good, obviously if… Read more
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Ordered 11th June. Nothing yet. They still have backorders from May. A lady at Beepy said they are getting them in at the rate of 10-50 per week so it'll be a while

How is it going? Has everyone got their phone yet?


L O L! STILL waiting for my phone Ordered on 15th May :x


Dudes, this IS a deal IF YOU ARE WILLING TO WAIT..... For £15 a month I got possibly the best phone on the market with 3gig Internet. I've had it for 2 weeks now "purchased off Beepy" and am loving it. Gotta love the new iphone 1 gig limit :p


To be fair, I still think it's a deal, there is clearly a nationwide stock issue and if time is on your side as it is with me then I'm happy to wait for what is the best deal for this phone on an 18 month contract available today

T-Mobile HTC Desire (£93.99) @ £15pm (24 months). 300 mins/300 texts. Unlimited internet @ Beepy Mobile Phones
Found 16th Apr 2010Found 16th Apr 2010
Recently bought HTC Desire, and wife is so impressed she's looking for one! Found this deal which equates to only £18.92 per month plus £40 Quidco cashback. Can't find better dea… Read more

Placed my order for this on 27th April but I knew there were stock problems uk wide, confirmed this at the T-mobile shop in person today. Then when I got home guess what was waiting for me!!!! Thans Beepy, it was a wait but you came through!!!


Don't know why it's expired it still seems to be there. E2A: Out of stock.


Will they take preorders I wonder?


feck - that didn't last long :x


Real shame I even had my credit card out!

Samsung S5230 Tocco Light Black/Pink T-Mobile £15 Tarrif with 24 months ½ price line rental = £7.50 Month @ Beepy Mobile Phones + Quidco
Found 23rd Mar 2010Found 23rd Mar 2010
Samsung S5230 Tocco Light- Black Samsungs Tocco Lite has a 3inch WQVGA full touch screen with 256k colours and 240 x 400 pixel resolutions for clear and bright viewing, it has mobi… Read more

Can't see it for the pink deal? Any help?


In pink also. ]

Blackberry 8520 300 mins + 300 texts + choice of booster (unlmted internet/texts/landline calls) + £45 instant cashback + possible £40 quidco £11.46 per month! or £13.12 if no quidco @ Beepy Mobile Phones
Found 15th Mar 2010Found 15th Mar 2010
I think this is a good deal. Price quoted is including all the mentioned cashback, deducted from the total cost then divided over the contract term of 24 months. The Maths: £15 X… Read more
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Warning!! read these reviews of company before ordering, they are not good!


Sorry, my experience with Quidco is that most of my failed transactions or those that don't validate do not pay. Quidco have failed to pay on the majority of my disputed transactions. Better to quote what we the customer have to shell out, as this is the money that we have to find to pay for these things, and the Quidco etc as a lesser aspect of a deal IMO Not voted on the deal, seems reasonable


Used beepy before, good service and paid quidco very quickly


I've updated the post to say the average price per month, in the situation that quidco does not track. But, with quidco you can report transactions if they don't track or get declined so its highly likely that quidco will be recieved.


Price quoted shouldn't really include cashback in case it declines or does not track. Not always guaranteed.

Nokia 1208 on T-Mobile £20 per month (18 months) @ BeepyMobile + cashback = £0.00
Found 26th Jan 2010Found 26th Jan 2010
Hi all, This is my first deal post so go easy :) Saw this today and thought is was a fab deal. You can sign up for the T-Mobile Combi 20 package for £20 per month on an 18 month… Read more

Just google beepy mobiles reviews and see how bad they are


I had rather bad experience with e2save.They refused quidco twice without any legitimate reason.Allegedly, I was using other vouchers at the same (utter rubbish)


e2save has £45 cashback from quidco. Therefore works out cheaper.


Another one of those "companies" here today, gone tomorrow. It will go "bankrupt" as soon as there are enough orders for them to may a good profit, and you'll be stuck with the contract. Gor for e2save, and pay an effective £1.67 per month instead for the same stuff.


i have never heard of this company, so i personally wouldnt take up the deal, although i have had many cashback deals via cpw and never had a problem, i would look around for some reviews and go from there

Hot !! 14 months free line rental on a 18 month contract on Samsung Tocco Lite !!
Found 20th Nov 2009Found 20th Nov 2009
Samsung S5230 Tocco Light- Black Samsungs Tocco Lite has a 3inch WQVGA full touch screen with 256k colours and 240 x 400 pixel resolutions for clear and bright viewing, it has mob… Read more

you can buy this phone for £69.99 from with 8% cashback


It would be fine if they automatically gave you the cash back but they do not. I once went to T-Mobile for a particular phone around 10 years ago and that was on this redemption rubbish. Loads of things you can fail on, including forgetting or not having a certain bill etc. The phone is not expensive enough to go through this. Cold as hell.


:-D right beside where it says Hot!! it says -146


thought this deal said hot lol, getting very cold in here


A quick search for reviews shows bad customer service, not honouring deals, alot of small print that can mean you don't get what you expect, and phones not being instock

Nokia 2730 Silver - £15 pm - 18m Contract - 100 m - 100 texts - £250 cash back - T-Mobie @ beepy
Found 31st Oct 2009Found 31st Oct 2009
Keep organised and this deal will end up paying you. £250 cash back and £40 quidco means after the 18m contract you should be £20 better off. Other great deals on there site with … Read more
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expired as the handset isnt in stock anyway



no it comes up as 18 month contract for me as stated:)


Does anyone else see this as a 24m contract when they hit the go to deal button


Thats not what came up when I clicked the link.

Nokia 6600 Slide 5MP Black - £25 per month - 150minutes & 150 texts with 12 months ½ price line rental on a 12 month contract @ beepy mobile
Found 29th Oct 2009Found 29th Oct 2009
With £40 quidco and £160 cash back this would end up costing you £100 over the 12 m contract. 12 months ½ price line rental on a 12 month contract! (Equivalent after cash back.) £… Read more

All Metal body? I don't think so.


I got this phone 6600i for £'s now £29.99 24 month contract with o2 £25 per month 400 minutes 500 texts And i got a PS3 SLIM 120 GB I know it's 24 month but the phone is just what i wanted, it's tiny, heavy, all metal, good camera, has sat nav, takes up to 16gb micro sd cards for all your photo's and music on the in-built music player, and it will last me 24 months as i look after my phones. No redemtions no cash back just a good phone, contract and a ps3 slim. LINK :thumbsup:


Nokia 6600 Slide is 3.2mp camera. Nokia 6600i Slide is 5mp. I wonder which one of these is in the offer really, as they are a bit different from each other.


pretty good deal if you are hapy with a redemption deal imho (not for me i'm afraid). Glad to see you included which network as so many people forget.

HTC T-Mobile G2 Black! 700 mins 400 txts and 1gb data £23.80 p.m @ Beepy Mobiles
Found 28th Oct 2009Found 28th Oct 2009
Was looking for a new contract so i could get a g2 and came across this 1. A good alternative if you didn't manage to snap up the other deal directly from t-mobile! £35 a month wi… Read more

Again, I wouldn't trust either. And when the only rep for the site is coming from a first time poster; doesn't fill me with confidence. But I could be wrong and it all could be legit and we're missing out on a good deal because of our paranoia :thinking:


you got your cash back n everything?


I used these last year for my HTC diamond , next day delivery and easy instant cashback .


thx alot i guess it dus look a lil dodgy..


Your right, the site looks like someones thrown it together. What's the point of cashback if the companies not there in 3 months time? You're better off buying from one of the companies owned by TCW. At least you'll have a big player to phone up if it goes wrong.